Morse blackcurrant

Morse blackcurrant

It is well known that the black currant contains a large amount of vitamin C. In addition, it has many medicinal properties and simple useful and helps us in many situations. For example, jam, compotes and fruit drinks made from berries that are recommended for the prevention of colds, viruses and infections. We prove that the daily consumption of black currant reduces the risk of cancer and tumors, increases the body's immunity. One way to prepare blackcurrant juice for medicinal purposes is. Let's take a look at you, how to cook cranberry currant, so he did not lose their useful properties.

Morse blackcurrant - recipe

Since today the yard is not the summer, and the fresh black currant is also nowhere to be found. Therefore, we will cook a frozen juice of black currant.


  • Berries blackcurrant - 200 g;
  • water - 1 liter;
  • sugar - 130 g


So, in order to cook the juice from frozen currants, berries take,

Morse blackcurrant
iterate and reiterate our pialki for 30 minutes, so they thawed. Then mash them thoroughly with a spoon. We shift currant berries in a colander or cheesecloth and squeeze the juice into a glass bowl. Now put currant juice in the refrigerator, so that it properly cooled. The remaining currants pour hot boiling water and set on fire. Herewith the mixture to boiling and boil for no longer than 15 minutes, to preserve the useful properties of berries. Then berry broth filter and add the chilled juice. At the end of the whole process of adding to our fruit drink honey and lemon juice to taste. A refreshing vitamin juice of black currant is ready!

This fragrant and wonderful drink can be consumed both in the cooling and a warm and it will serve you and your family a good tool for the prevention of many diseases. Be healthy!

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