Hair mask with coffee

Hair mask with coffee

Coffee has long been popular as a universal cosmetic. Especially revered his oriental beauties. This fragrant product nourishes the skin and hair, strengthens bulbs, helps restore shine and strength exhausted curls.

General recommendations

Doing hair mask with coffee, it is important to remember a few rules:

  1. Coffee is a natural dye, so the cosmetics with it may be used only holders of dark hair. Blondes mask the effect of coffee may disappoint.
  2. Coffee should be natural, and grinding - medium or small. Do not use the product with the addition of flavors - is the use of such a mask will be minimal.
  3. To mask fit and freshly brewed coffee without sugar, and the grounds, which remained after drinking. In some recipes using ground coffee in a dry form.
Repairing mask

For thin brittle hair useful mask with coffee and olive oil. Both products nourish the hair, restore its structure and eliminate the posechennyh tips. If necessary, replace the olive oil burdock or castor. To give extra shine to hair mask to add essential oil (2 drops) of lemon or orange.

Oil (100 mL) was warmed slightly in a microwave oven or a water bath. It added freshly ground coffee (2 - 3 tablespoons) and essential oil (if desired). Weight consistency should resemble a semi-liquid slurry.

The mask is applied to wet hair, spreading over the entire length, after half an hour wash with warm water with a neutral shampoo.

This restoring procedure necessary to repeat every week until the hair does not acquire a healthy look.

Firming mask

To strengthen the hair effective mask containing coffee and cognac. It normalizes blood circulation around the bulblets, accelerating growth and preventing hair loss and nourishes hair, giving it strength and shine.

There are two of the most effective recipe.

  1. Coffee and cognac hair mask with honey - in equal proportions (3 tablespoons) takes the brandy, honey and freshly brewed coffee. The components were combined and mixed. If the mass is too thick, you can add more brandy until a watery gruel. The mask is applied to the hair, hold for half an hour under the heater.
  2. Coffee and cognac hair mask with oil is particularly effective for strengthening dry hair as it also nourishes the tresses. For the preparation you will need olive or burdock oil (1 cup), which is heated in a small bowl. It was added 3 tablespoons ground coffee mass is stirred and separated into two parts. One added brandy (2 tablespoons) - this mixture is applied to the roots. The second part (without brandy) distributed over the hair. The mask is held an hour under a heater.
Mask from dandruff

Dandruff cure coffee helps hair mask with onions - purged, has powerful antiseptic properties.

You will need:

  • onions, shredded on the grater;
  • honey;
  • Burr oil;
  • coffee.

The ingredients are taken in equal proportions. If you suffer from dandruff in addition to hair loss, the mask can be added and cognac. The components are mixed, the mass is rubbed into the root of the hair, allowed to stand for half an hour.

Hair mask with coffee

Warning! After such a hair mask with coffee is a pungent smell as onions essential oils are absorbed into the skin. After a few days odor disappears.

Mask rinse

For brunettes and brown-haired women who want to give the curls a nice coffee color, fit following hair mask: Coffee (2 tablespoons), Egg (1 pc.) And warm milk (half a cup) mixed thoroughly. It is possible to add any volatile oil (1 - 3 drops). After the usual hair washing procedure, the resulting mass is applied to the hair as a rinse, wash after 15 minutes.

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