Mask for hair with cognac

Mask for hair with cognac

Remember the ad where a man utters the phrase: "TV Park - and your hair will be soft and silky!", And then on his shoulder appears elegant, thick and shiny scythe - the dream of all women. Only, unfortunately, many do not read newspapers or magazines, on the growth and health of the hair is not affected. But to make the hair soft and silky hair mask will help with brandy. Yes it with brandy. It is, of course, you can try to eat in, but it is better to cook with him a mask and applied directly to the hair. So good for the hair to be longer.

In addition to those advantages, which are named above, cognac provokes faster hair growth, nourishes and strengthens hair follicle, moreover, brandy improves blood circulation in the scalp, which also contributes to the strengthening of the bulb and its saturation with oxygen.

Mask for hair with cognac

Take a few teaspoons of brandy and cautious movements of fingers rub it into the hair roots. This mask is recommended to keep on your head for as long as possible - from a few hours to a whole day.

Hair mask on the basis of brandy and egg yolk

To prepare this mask you will need: 1 tablespoon of brandy, 2 egg yolks and 1 tablespoon of corn oil. Mix all ingredients and rub into the scalp massage with your fingertips. The residue is a mixture spread over all length of hair. It is advisable to wear a cellophane shower cap and shook his head warm towel. Hold mask to 40 minutes, then thoroughly rinse shampoo.

Masks for hair with cognac and honey

The composition of this mask includes: 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of brandy and a teaspoon of honey. The principle of the preparation and the time required for the mask are the same as in the previous mask.

There is another interesting recipe for a hair mask with cognac and honey. This mask is used by those who wish to give their hair a colossal amount.

To prepare this mask you need to take one glass of honey, brandy and food of sea salt. All components of the mix, pour into a jar with a tight-fitting lid and leave in a dark place for 2 weeks. Most interesting is that this tool can also be used as a mask, and a shampoo. Such means are applied to the hair for 20 minutes, wrapped head with a towel, and then washed with plenty of warm running water. Use the tool can be instead of your usual shampoo for washing the head 1-2 times a week.

Just to give volume using hair mask with cognac, oak bark and honey. For the manufacture of the mask will need 50 grams of cognac, 1 tablespoon of oak bark, and two tablespoons of honey. oak bark to pour brandy and let stand for 4 hours, then strain and add honey. Apply the mask on your hair to insulate the head and leave for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

Cognac mask against hair loss

To solve the problem of hair loss you must use a hair mask with cognac with the addition of burdock oil and onion juice (sometimes, for a more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing smell it replaced with lemon juice). This mask consists of 1 table spoon of brandy, 3 tablespoons of onion juice and the same amount of burdock oil. All is mixed and applied to the hair roots. Be sure to wear a hat and wrap cellophane head with a warm towel.

Mask for hair with cognac
We are waiting for an hour, then my head in the usual way.

Superefficient hair mask from the ridge

And one more irreplaceable cognac hair mask, a mask of brandy, castor oil, aloe juice and carrot juice. Each of these components is necessary to take one tablespoon. Well all mixed and applied to the hair. Hold means 20 min, and washes away with warm water shampoo. This mask nourishes the hair, makes them soft, shiny and silky.

It is said that the cognac - it is a noble drink for real men. But even these women may also find a use for it, right?

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