Recipe for homemade wine from cherries

Recipe for homemade wine from cherries

Wine of cherries is probably one of the most popular varieties of the drink after the grape . Amber color, transparency, and most importantly the taste of the drink deservedly won an honorable place among wine lovers.

In the classic version, wine from cherries with their own hands by doing the fermentation of juice, but in addition to this method, there are many others.

The classic home-made wine from cherries

The very classic way, takes a little effort, but a lot of time.


  • cherry - 3 kg;
  • water - 3 l;
  • sugar - 3 stack.


Berries are not mine, so do not get rid of the desired fermentation microflora. Fall asleep cherries directly into the bottle (you can with seeds, if you like the tart taste of the drink) and pour the warm sugar syrup. To tie the neck of the bottle with several layers of cheesecloth and leave to ferment at 45-50 days.

Wine fermented cherries in this recipe turns quite sour and very strong, therefore hope to weaken the flavor and strength of the drink can add half the sugar.

Wine of cherry juice

A simple wine from the juice of cherries is also preparing fast enough. The output is a strong table wine.


  • cherry juice - 10 l;
  • sugar - 1.5 kg;
  • Water - 2 l;
  • Citric Acid - 10 g.


Fresh cherry juice mixed with sugar and water, add a bit of citric acid and leave to ferment in a warm place until the end of the gassing. Fermented juice is necessary to drain and let stand for 2 more months, after which the drink can be poured into bottles and store in a cool place.

Wine from the leaves of cherry

Few people know that a good wine is obtained not only from fruit juice and cherries, but also from the leaves.


  • water - 7 liters;
  • cherry leaves;
  • raisins - 1 handful;
  • sugar - 600 g;
  • ammonia - 2 ml.


In an enamel saucepan, boil the water and lay in her cherry leaves, knead them with a rolling pin on the bottom. Remove the pan from the heat and put in a warm place for 3 days.

At the expiration of the time must pour into another bowl and lay it to sugar and a handful of raisins (on the surface of the berries are needed for the fermentation microorganisms that replace wine yeast). To stimulate fermentation and adjust the beverage strength is ammonia, which after the addition, leave the dishes to ferment for 8-12 days.

In the process of fermentation is necessary to try the wine - it should be moderately sweet.

Once the cap of foam sleeping - fermentation is complete, the drink can be filtered and bottled. As soon as the wine becomes transparent, it again will have to bottle (plastic) and to monitor the level of carbon dioxide in them as soon as the bottle becomes thick - the gas must be released.

In the process of maturation is necessary 2-3 times to drain the resulting precipitate. As soon as the wine becomes clear - it's ready to use.

Preparation of homemade wine from cherries for this recipe takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it.

Wine of cherry vodka

Fortified wines lovers will certainly appreciate the wine of cherries, cooked with vodka.


  • cherry - 3 kg;
  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • Recipe for homemade wine from cherries
  • water - 750 ml;
  • vodka - 500 ml;
  • raisins - 1 handful.


Of ripe cherries squeezed juice and mixed with water, sugar and 2/3. Before you put the wine in the fermentation of the cherries, it is necessary to introduce the leaven, which as we favor a handful of raisins. Fermentation of wort takes about a week, then you can add vodka to wine.

Fortified wine is aged for 5 days, filter, add the remaining sugar and bottled. As soon as the drink becomes transparent - the wine is ready to drink.

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