Limoncello at home

Limoncello at home

How to make limoncello (Italian. Limoncello) knows every Italian. Especially love this sweet liqueur in the south, the islands of Capri, Sicily, Sardinia. This classic recipe for limoncello infused for about 3 months. However, the whole process of making limoncello at home will not take more than 2 weeks. Liquor, in essence, is a tincture of lemon peel, so it contains a lot of vitamin C. And, therefore, this frozen ray of sunshine in your glass will not only nectar for the soul, but also a balm for the body.

Limoncello at home - recipe

How to make limoncello? The basis of our future liqueur - is, of course, lemons. By their choice responsibly - we buy only from a trusted seller. Looking for bright yellow, smooth, ripe, fragrant, thin-skinned lemons.


  • Lemon - 6-10 pieces. (Depending on size);
  • ethyl alcohol (wine) food 96% - 500 ml;
  • sugar - 500 g;
  • water - 650 ml.


Lemons my carefully (do not hesitate to rub their wool dish) towel. A very sharp knife or a special chistilkoy (called a peeler) removes the top layer of yellow. It was there that contain essential oils, which give the limoncello signature flavor. White fiber try not to hurt, they add liquor unnecessary bitterness. Thus, it is necessary nastrogat about 150 g peel.

Peeled lemons placed in a sealed container in the fridge and hide. They no longer need us. Let them fresh juices with ice or bake a lemon cake. And you can add lemon juice to the finished liquor, if not like very sweet drinks. Every Italian restaurant a recipe for limoncello with its own unique flavor. So do not be afraid to experiment.

Peel put in a jar, fill it with alcohol and a tight-fitting lid. Caution, do not forget that alcohol is flammable! On the bank sticking a label with the date of filling and leave in a dark, cool (fireproof) location. All the time went. We must be patient 5-10 days - the longer, the better. And that was not boring, you can shake the jar every day.

Upon expiration of the syrup cook. To do this, pour into a saucepan the sugar, pour boiled water and put on low heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Ready syrup cooled to room temperature. Bank tincture open and well-filtered through a sieve. To prevent the alcohol evaporate, immediately pour the syrup, stir and, using a funnel, poured into a beautiful bottle. Tight-fitting, and the same dark closet for five days, to infuse.

Doterpeli? But that is not all! Ready liquor put in the freezer, and about a day, homemade limoncello has cooled to the desired temperature.

Limonchello should drink from small high stacks, which was preincubated in a freezer to a wall covered with a thin layer of ice. Sometimes the ice is added to the liquor itself. Usually in restaurants this drink is served after the meal, but the house limoncello you can drink whenever you want. Just do not overdo it, likerchika fortress about 40%!

On the question of degrees. Alcohol is freely available only in the Far North. But those who are not fortunate enough to have friends among pharmacists and physicians, will help it - darling Russian vodka.

Limoncello vodka


  • Limoncello at home
  • Lemon - 10 pcs .;
  • vodka - 1 bottle (750 ml);
  • Water - Article 3.5 .;
  • sugar - 2,5st.


How to make limoncello with vodka? Just as in the wine and alcohol. Pure lemon, insist, filter. Boil the syrup, water and sugar but put less than in the previous recipe. Mix, cool and drink (only in good company!).

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