Exercises for muscles of hands

Exercises for muscles of hands

Approaching summer delicately reminds that comes not just hot time for vacations, but also a time for open orders. Alas, this time to always catches us by surprise.

Hands - a separate issue of the female body. Well, why the heavy grocery bags and a cast-iron frying pan is not perceived by our limbs as an exercise for the muscles of hands? Women always carry with them a heavy handbag, and, nevertheless, those damn triceps still sag.

The problem is that the lower part of the forearm, the one that droops and where the need to train the triceps in isolation. That is, it must be exercises to strengthen the muscles in the arms, executed with the extra weight.

Let us consider a few possible options for strength training arm muscles.

  1. Push-ups - in this case, we have to your body weight on the muscles of your hands that can not provide them with more than a full load. The most "useful" push-ups - this is a classic emphasis lying, when you stay with straight legs on toes and hands. What have you put your hands, the greater will be the load on the triceps. Accordingly, a wide-hour trains biceps.
  2. Dumbbells - start with 1 kg at hand, do not chase the big weight. In order to pump up the muscles of the arms, exercises for women should consist of 10 - 20 reps on hand. Weight can be increased gradually, if desired. But one kilogram would be enough to hand acquired an attractive relief.
  3. Push-ups from a chair - so-called reverse push-ups. Carrying out an effective exercise for the muscles of the hands need to take up arms edge of a chair, the pelvis drop down, legs extended forward. On the exhale, straightening arms, lift the pelvis, forming a straight line of the whole body. On the inhale and bend the arms go down.

Now perform the classic set of exercises for the muscles in the arms with dumbbells. Typically, women are afraid of dumbbells, because they think that they can pound shells make them bodybuilders. But do not go on about the stereotypes of the female body too little testosterone, so we are much less susceptible to weight training and that's why fat very easily deposited anywhere on the body.

  1. We sat down on one knee, leaving the front leg bent at a right angle. Prestressing press and tilt the body forward. Dumbbells hold in our hands in front of chest. We will breed them in hand as you exhale, and to reduce the inspiratory. Perform 10 times, change the leg and repeat the exercise.
  2. Gets to his feet, left foot forward, bent, right straight back. Dumbbell in your right hand. On the exhale, lift it forward, omit inspiratory and expiratory retraction. Hand absolutely straight. For beginners - 10 - 15 repetitions, with time their number can be increased. Change leg and arm and repeat on the second side.
  3. Legs slightly wider than shoulder width, raise hands with dumbbells at chest level, bend your hands as you exhale, straighten while inhaling. Follow the back and press - stomach should be drawn, tense muscles. Perform 10 times.
  4. Hands with dumbbells plant in the back, elbows virtually ears, straighten arms upward as you exhale, inhale to omit in the IP. The back should be straight, waist in no case can not be bent.
  5. Lie on the floor on his back, legs half-bent, lower back pressed to the floor. Pulling the arms with dumbbells in front of him on the chest, bend them so that forearm is perpendicular to the floor, cross your arms. On the exhale, straighten your arms up, pushing them away, and inspiratory bend them back. Perform 10 times.
  6. IP - the same. Arms stretched up, exhale spreads his arms to the side as low as possible, but without touching the floor, and then reduce them and return to the SP force chest muscles. Exercise perform as slowly as possible. Perform 15 times.

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