Exercises Slimming Hand

Exercises Slimming Hand

Many girls who are seeking to put in order the figure, concentrated its attention on the waist and hips, which then spoil the picture, then do not give fit into your favorite pants. In the course of this struggle, few people think that big, plump hands, too, do not add to the image of fragility. Exercises Slimming hand - this is a mandatory part of the complex of exercises for weight loss.

Effectively exercises for slimming hands?

Many of the girls questioned if that helps set of exercises for weight loss hands. Of course, in order to lose weight, no matter what part of it is important to take several measures, not only do the exercises. That is, if you eat fast food and do exercises - you do not improve the situation. But if you reduce your diet, you will eat, avoiding fatty foods, sweets, biscuits and sweets - the results are not long in coming.

To exercise program to take effect for the muscles in the arms, it is important to perform it regularly, not less than three times a week. In addition, it would be nice to add a rope, which contributes to the overall fat burning and is working hands, or running (in extreme cases - running in place in the house ventilated room). These actions should perform daily or at least 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes (can be a respite 1-2).

Exercises for the inner side of the hand

Most often, women are interested in exercise to tighten the hand it to the back or inside. This is a very simple explanation: the muscles in this part of the hand is very rarely involved in normal life. That is why, when you take all measures for weight loss, you can not ignore such an important part.

There is a very effective exercise for the hands in this part:

  1. Exercise to thinner arms from behind. Stand up straight, then take the hands on dumbbells and bend forward, keeping your back flat. Hands bend at the elbows, palms facing each other. Perform fast, intense movements with his hands, straightening their elbows and back to the starting position. Repeat for 1-2 minutes (depending on your natrenirovannosti).
  2. Exercise for sagging arms. Sit on the floor, put a chair behind him. Resting on the floor with his heels, put his hands on the seat of the chair and straighten your arms. Elbows thus sent back rather than the sides. From this position, bend and unbend the hands. Follow these "push" 10-20.
  3. Exercise to reduce hand. Squeezing with knees at a rapid pace - one of the best exercises. However, care must be taken so that the elbows are bent not to the side, and close to the body.

Performing such exercises for beautiful hands, you will quickly notice how began to change their appearance. With regular classes 3-4 one-time per week do you have in a month you will see the bright results.

Exercises for quick weight loss Hand

Yet, like it or not, the best exercise for total hands - a different push-ups. And if in the previous section push-ups will help to restore hand back then

Exercises Slimming Hand
Standard Edition is perfect for the whole hand. So, you need to make several choices:

  1. Squeezing the wall. Uprites into the wall with his hands and perform push-ups - 10 times the elbows back and 20 - in the usual way. This should be done in the most rapid pace. Repeat two more approach.
  2. Push-back seats (sofas, chairs). Uprites in a stable piece of furniture, which is about the height of your waist-deep. The legs and the back should be a straight line. Do push-ups - 10 times the elbows back and 20 - in the usual way. Repeat two or three sets.

In carrying out the full range, you will make your beautiful pen as soon as possible.

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