Stretching before exercise

Stretching before exercise

Many athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle neglect stretching, say, from her no good, so what if I sit down on the string? However, you must understand that stretching before exercise improves the quality of the training, preparing your muscles to force exercises.

The muscles are not stretched very quickly become "whipped" rigid and stiff. Proper warm-up before and after weight training will allow you to expand the range of motion and make every movement a distinct, precise and safe. If you do not practice stretching, any sudden movement could cause injury.



A good warm-up before a workout should consist of exercises to warm up muscles and stretching itself. As for stretch marks, it is enough to give it 10 minutes before and after school. Stretching muscles before a workout may consist of a conventional well-known to all exercise, or of a set of asanas of hatha yoga . Movements should be performed slowly, slowly, pausing 30 seconds at each position. When you stretch the muscle, protecting it from injury, reduced. If you make quick jerks, your spreader does not improve. In order to stretch must be maintained stretch to 30-60sek, then the muscles will begin to relax in this position.


Stretching before exercise

Proper warm-up before exercise - this is half the battle. It is important to stretch shortened and tired muscles after weight training. This will prevent you from post-training syndrome of delayed onset muscle soreness, will restore and relieve fatigue faster.


Regular stretching - it is not only the health of your muscles, tendons and joints. This is also the beauty of your body. After stretching is important for weight loss and body shaping correct contours. You can lose weight, pump up, but your feet are not slim. No stretch marks are more likely to become whipped and rounded.

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