A set of exercises for flexibility

A set of exercises for flexibility

Flexible body - is not only beautiful, but also incredibly healthy. A little extra attention to the development of the flexibility of the body, you provide yourself moving joints, increases blood flow and improves nutrition of cartilage tissue.

The hardest part of this wonderful undertaking - is to perform exercises complex for flexibility on a daily basis. Alas, our body very quickly "forgets" its flexibility, and only a couple of missed workouts for flexibility - and all the successes somewhere vanished reached earlier.

But if you are willing to allocate as much as 10 minutes of daily exercise for the complex to develop flexibility, you should start with the spine - because our axis is responsible for full mobility of the whole body.

Complex for flexibility

  1. Sit on the heels of the pelvis, pull back, straighten shoulders. Hand over hand up - inhale, hands down - exhale.
  2. Stretch for the crown up - inhale, exhale rounding the back "flock" his whole body down on his stomach on his knees. Inhale back round back up - keep the soft undulating movement of the spine, gradually increasing the range of motion. On the upstroke, put his hands behind his back and flex back.
  3. Put your hands behind your back and stay in the trough. Palm push into the floor, point your chin to your chest, inhale - to raise the pelvis up, exhale - descend on the heels. The look and the attention is held in his lap.
  4. Get down on your heels, resting his hands in front of your feet, tear off your knees off the floor and stretch the front of the foot. Lower the leg to the floor.
  5. Go to the knees, hips, lower back on his heels, hands drag forward, chest down on his knees. Round the back, go on all fours, lower your hips to the floor and lay down on the floor. Legs outstretched, hands chest, inspiratory twist the spine, arching back, and then through the back exit in the round on all fours position and lower the hips on your heels, hands stretched forward. Do this exercise several times.
  6. Get down on your stomach, place your forearms on the floor in front of him, stretch up the crown. Feet drag back, open the shoulders to the sides. Extend arms straight forward still resting on them, arch your back. Get down on his stomach on the floor.
  7. Lift the straight leg up, hand tighten into fists and pull back. While holding this position, be careful not to strain your neck. With an exhalation, relax, slowly lower yourself to the floor, hands clasped on his forehead. Again go up, hands open on both sides. With an exhalation, relax and lie down his forehead on his hands. Clasp your palms into the lock, put them on the back of the head, inspiratory rise up, legs open on the sides. Relax.
  8. Starting hands on the floor, hips descend on the heels, arms stretched forward. Round go back on all fours and look up forward flex, to become socks and go into a pose dog muzzle down - you stand on the toes, the body bent in half, the pelvis is the point of the upper body. Sag in the back, straighten your arms and legs. Drop down to full stop, stretch, small steps move closer to hands.
  9. Lower the hips to the floor, extend your legs in front of you, pull the socks. Reach arms up, straighten your back, exhale, bend forward, grab hold of the toes and pull up. On the inhale round backs go up.
  10. Put your hands behind your back, fingers facing forward, bend your legs at the knees, lifting your hips off the floor - pose dog muzzle up. Inhaling straighten the body - hips, back and head form a straight line, you keep on the straight arms and legs bent, tilt your head back. Chin pull to the chest, go on your toes, shift your weight on the leg - stretch the outer surface of the feet and wrists. Go back to the half-bridge, exhale gently swept the pelvis off the floor, tailbone pull back, pull the legs - you only keep on hand. Drop down to the floor.
  11. Hands rest against the floor at the hips, legs crossed, tighten them to him. Pull the legs up, feet cut, slowly lower your feet to the floor. By changing the position of the crossed legs, again pull them in, pull up the foot and lower.
  12. Tear off the pelvis off the floor, the body leaning forward, go to the semi-bridge. With an exhalation, lower yourself to the floor, his hands hooked on the knees, round your back - repeat several times.
  13. Cross your legs - breathe in and breathe out.

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