Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility Exercises

What girl does not dream of a flexible body? Look at the dancers and gymnasts, their movements plastic charms and delights. Until then they are easily strings, bridges, troughs. Against this background, his own body may sound wood products. I want to hit the surrounding grace and softness movements? Then get ready to work. We'll tell you how to improve the flexibility of the body.

Flexibility Exercises

Not necessarily to do gymnastics since childhood to do the splits or effectively bend back in bridge. But do the exercises for the flexibility of the body at least a day or better on a daily basis - it is necessary. In contrast to the strength training in the gym, they can take as little as 10-15 minutes.

How to develop the flexibility of the back?

We advise to pay attention to the following exercises:

  1. "Cat." Standing on all fours, arch your back as you can and look up, pause for a few seconds. Then, like a cat Round the back and look down, and pause for a few seconds. In this exercise, do not speed is important, and the amplitude, try to bend at their best.
  2. "Cobra". Lying on his stomach, put your hands on chest level and slowly start to raise the body upward, starting from the head. Rest hands on the floor and try as much as possible to bend back.
  3. "Basket". Lying on your stomach, bend your knees, pull socks, his hands grasp the ankle and arch your back as much as possible.

Twine: training leg flexibility

If you are ready to find at this time, you will approach the next set of exercises for flexibility:

  1. Sit on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and dilute to the side, foot push each other. Try to touch the knees the floor while holding the back as straight as possible.
  2. Sitting on the floor, extend your legs in front of him, and the maximum spread them apart. Perform several slopes alternately to each leg with a delay of a few seconds, then bend forward, trying to cuddle up body to the floor.
  3. Standing on all fours, place feet on the maximum width. Resting his hands on the floor, push the body back. This exercise improves the flexibility of joints.
  4. Work in the longitudinal splits. At first, this is the most unpleasant set of exercises on flexibility
    Flexibility Exercises
    but that it provides the maximum effect. The longitudinal splits stretch to the leg forward. Drag chest, not the head, trying to keep your back straight. Then arch your back. Also try the body turns in different directions, pausing for several seconds at the extreme points. Each element is performed for the longitudinal twine on both feet for at least one minute.

Exercises for flexibility perfectly improves blood circulation and metabolism. You might even lose a little weight, since exercise is spent a lot of energy. But of course for fat loss is best to use in addition other programs. Flexibility exercises to perform well at the end of a workout in the gym, because the muscles are well warmed up. If you carry out a complex regularly, you will quickly notice the results.

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