Exercises to stretch the splits

Exercises to stretch the splits

How nice to look at and flexible plastic gymnasts for whom there is nothing easier than to sit in the splits. However twine - is not only beautiful, it is also a damn useful! If you are able to sit on the string, this means that your stretched ligaments, joint salt deposits do not accumulate, and no lack of muscle strength. This statement also applies in the opposite direction: if you learn to sit on the splits, you recalculate the salt of the joints, muscles and natreniruete stretch out the muscles and ligaments. It is with the purpose of improvement, we encourage you to learn exercises to stretch the splits.

For twine you can sit down for a few weeks with regular classes. With age, this period may be increased up to six months, because the older the person, the less flexible it becomes his body. However, there is a caveat: for the 20-year-old and 50-year-old (in the absence of disease) organisms, the splits are equally difficult. But up to 20 years to do it many times easier. But do not give up, absolutely at any age, twine - it really achievable goal, if there are no contraindications:

  • back injury;
  • high blood pressure;
  • bone fractures, particularly hip.

Beginners should engage in a day, but at the slightest progress, lessons need to be done daily. Legs - is that part of the body to stretch that should be given time each day. The ideal is to do the splits, the exercises should pay 4% of their time, that is - 1 hour per day.

Before you begin the exercises on stretching the legs for the twine, how to knead. To do this, jump rope, run, run kicking swings, lunges, stretch your hip joint. Now you can start the stretching exercises for the transverse and longitudinal twine.

A set of exercises

  1. "Butterfly" - sit on the floor, knees - to the side of the foot touching, hand hold on the foot, pushing the elbows knees. Save a position from 20 to 60 s, then return to the SP. Do 5 sets, and then perform the "reverse" a butterfly, all the same, only the knees looking back, feet are closed only at the rear, and pelvis trying to get down on the floor.
  2. One knee bent reserve, stop touching the inner thigh straight leg. We are drawn to a straight leg with both hands and tried to straighten his back constantly and pull forward to the toes. Do 5 repetitions on each leg.
  3. SP - in upr.2. We are drawn not in front of the leg and side. To this end, the arm opposite leg straight, over the top to pull the toes straight leg, with the body to lay down on the leg side. Repeat: 5.
  4. Bent knee refineries back on the foot did not sit down! We are drawn forward to the straightened leg. Repeat: 5.
  5. Pulling the legs in front of you and are drawn with both hands to toes. We try to lie to his feet with his back straightened. Repeat: 10.
  6. Legs we arrange as much as possible, back straight. To the left are drawn at first, then to the right leg, then the middle. To complicate: are drawn to the right hand, right leg, left hand to the left at the same time.

It was a pre-training and stretching ligaments. Each exercise should be done statically, by delaying the voltage on the 20-60s, the back always try to mentally pull forward, not down are drawn, namely forward. Now we proceed to the most effective exercises for the twine - to twine. We start with the cross, because it is more difficult.

Spreading his legs as far as possible from each other, we tried to lower the hips as low as possible, with the back straight. 2 The first approach makes the floor forces are drawn for the third time to the maximum, and linger in this position for 20 seconds. The fourth and fifth approach is called "step over yourself" - that is, having fallen in the limit point, we start to become loose, pumping socks with heels.

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