Simulator for stretching the spine

Simulator for stretching the spine

A huge number of people complaining of back pain. To get rid of it, you need to train and pay special attention to stretching exercises to help cope with stress. If you do not have time to go to the gym, then there is a solution - a simulator for flexibility . Compact in design and easy to use, they allow for a couple of months to achieve excellent results.

These devices make it possible to relax and in a short time to restore the muscles and nervous system. Furthermore, they reduce the risk of injury in comparison with, for example, with the usual exercises. Simulator for spine stretching improves blood circulation, and it also contributes to the removal of muscle metabolism. Regular exercise is an excellent prevention of a spine pain.

What are the simulators for stretching the back?

There are several options that are designed to improve flexibility and relieve tension, look at them in more detail.

  1. Inversion table. This simulator will not only improve your posture, but also help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the back. During the sessions the person is almost upright. Due to the fact that the load on the spine is evenly distributed, each disc falls into place, and this, in turn, helps to cope with the existing problems. With regular exercises improves blood circulation, general health, metabolism and internal organs. Can this machine be used for stretching as a warm-up before the main workout.
  2. The simulator "Air Nobius". The developers claim that due to regular use can prevent the development of practical
    Simulator for stretching the spine
    of all diseases associated with the spine. On the simulator the person is in a horizontal position. It helps to relax muscles, to establish the spine in the correct position, as well as strengthen your back and improve your posture. With regular use, you can stretch the spine and a few centimeters to increase growth.
  3. Vetrebralny simulator - swing machine. This simulator for stretching the back operates on a different principle than previous versions. The man puts his feet on the treadmill and it starts to make wave-like movements that contribute to the spine and relaxation. During the training the muscles and ligaments relax, which ultimately allows the spine, due to the weight of his own body in the correct position.

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