The correct running technique

The correct running technique

Running, like walking, is the natural state of the organism. But, no matter how simple any action, there is such a thing as proper running technique. And for beginning runners is the cornerstone. It is possible to avoid unnecessary stress on the joints and spine when properly run, and make your workouts more effective.

Proper running technique

There are some rules, how to run, and therefore a certain running technique.

Try to reduce fluctuations up and down to a minimum. Since the sharp blows on the treadmill led to an increase in the load on the spine and joints.

Feet try to put in parallel. Assume a small angle between the toes. This prevents wobble running from side to side, which also will relieve the skeleton of extra loads.

Correctly place the foot on the floor - try to evenly distribute the load on it. This greatly relieve your joints. Also worth a little strain at the foot touching the ground.

A practical method to determine a comfortable stride length you. Too short step does not give the desired tone muscles, and too long a step increases the risk of landing on a straight leg that can lead to injury.

Do not forget about the correct posture - head must be kept flat, straight back. Hands bend in the elbows at right angles, and hand tighten only slightly.

Of course, without proper breathing exercise will be neither pleasant nor successful. Breathing should be freely, easily and rhythmically.

Very often, novice runners are faced with the challenge of breathing. Here are a few tips on how to breathe correctly when you run:

  1. Breathing the diaphragm is necessary, that is, stomach, breast and not the department. First is to get used to this way of walking,
    The correct running technique
    and then switch to running.
  2. If you are just starting to run, then take a breath is done through two steps. When you have a little practice, you can breathe every three to four steps.
  3. When running in the winter should breathe only through your nose. This will help you avoid colds and various infections.

Proper breathing while running can be divided into three types: breathing through the nose, mixed breathing (inhaling through the nose, exhale through the mouth) and mouth breathing. It is recommended to breathe through the nose, but at the initial stage it is still possible to breathe the nose-mouth method. Proper breathing while running - is the key to easy jogging and as a result - the body's recovery.

There are also various programs run. You should start with small distances - 1-2 km per jogging, gradually increasing the length. Running alternated with walking.

Do not overload your body, do not make the exercise endurance in anguish. Keep this in mind and run to your health!

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