Cardio for burning fat

Cardio for burning fat

Experts agree on the opinion that a cardio workout to burn fat are the most appropriate and best way to lose weight. Engage possible and at home, and on special training and in the gym, in the park, and even in the stairwell of a multistory building.

What are the cardio?

Due to intense stress can actively ventilate the lungs and strengthen the cardiovascular system, which helps to disperse metabolism. Moreover, after such training, according to experts, even a few hours there are various processes in the body that promotes weight loss by splitting fat.

Cardio - is running (or sprint up the stairs), step aerobics, interval training in the gym. Any action that requires the body to give 100%, and then take a break and re-give 100% - this is cardio.

Short cardio every day to help maintain the shape is normal, but in order to lose weight better deal for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Cardio for weight loss home

The ideal cardio at home - is jumping rope. Engage interval: first minute jump at a furious pace, and then a minute walk to the site. Training should take 15-20 minutes.

Cardio will be considered any action that you perform a rapid pace without stopping the movement or short break. There is a Chinese exercises for weight loss based on this rule. Every morning, it takes only 4 minutes to perform any exercise of force (the press, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) such intervals: 20 seconds actively fulfill - 10 seconds rest. This short exercise will start the metabolism and allow effectively fight fatty deposits.

Cardio for fat burning in the hall

If you want to spend cardio at the gym, you have several options. For example, take advantage of special cardio, which is already spelled out a suitable program. Either conduct interval training: one minute to engage in non-stop on each simulator, bypassing all of them sequentially. It is not so easy in those days, when the hall is full, but in everyday life is very simple to carry out. This practice is also called "circular". With experience, you can take even 2-3 range in a row, and if the little room in the simulator, it is worth doing so.

Meals before and after cardio

An hour 2 hours before such a heavy load is to refuse food. Better to just 15 minutes before your workout drink a cup of fresh coffee prepared without sugar and cream. It has fat burning properties and allow longer "do not run out of steam."

Cardio for burning fat

After a workout, is to drink water abundantly, especially melt and there is 1.5 - 2 hours. This approach gives rise to the body to break down the fat that you already have, not the one that comes from food. If you have chosen the military option, you can restore muscle rest of the day is to focus on protein foods - beef, chicken breast, dairy products (low-fat). On a side dish to meat - only non-starchy vegetables (any cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, zucchini).

To cardio bring you faster results, give up the sweet, fatty, fried and starchy foods. All products of this series are sacrificed metabolism and contribute to the increase in body fat, so in quick weight loss is the name used to life without them. And if you and later you return to them, it will guarantee the conservation result.

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