training program in the gym

training program in the gym

To everyone's surprise, the principle of training for men and women is not much different. And both of them need cardio for weight loss, and complications - for a set of muscle mass. But there is only one caveat that if a similar program in the gym allows them to reach a radically different effects - hormones . Man's body is perfectly responds to strength training, resulting in a relief of the brave. A woman's body under the influence of the right program for the gym only hones subtle contours.

Women workout in the gym

The most common stereotype, because of which women are afraid of panic cross the threshold of a gym - a long-held belief that weight training will make them "courageous" in the truest sense of the word. But in fact, no program for the gym for girls are not able to provide such results without the additional intake of anabolic products and special nutritional supplements.

The ideal program for female gym for weight loss should include:

  • 10-minute warm-up;
  • warm up all the muscles and joints to prevent accidents;
  • abdominal exercises should be included in the women's program to the gym is not more than three times a week;
  • after each workout to do cool down and stretching to improve flexibility and blood flow in the muscles, which will eliminate the syndrome post-workout the next day.
  1. Elliptical Trainer - warm up the body, quickens the pulse. To warm up on the ellipsoid, or, for preference, at kardiodorozhke. Warm-up lasts 10 minutes. Work on an ellipsoid is produced by the exercising of body weight - need to apply pressure on the pedal, resulting in movement occurs. In this case, the hands are working. On the elliptical trainer has the ability to increase the resistance, then increase the load on all muscle groups.
  2. Abdominal press - ups the body on the horizontal bar. First of all, here the upper abdominal muscles working. Hands holding his head, elbows facing the side, exhale on the rise, to return to the SP - breath. Perform 15-20 repetitions.
  3. Ups feet in vise. Initially, the legs are stretched vertically on the rise tightens legs to your chest, bending them at the knees. In this exercise, the muscles of the lower press involved. When lifting exhales.
  4. Training legs - lunges with dumbbells. One of the most effective exercises for the leg muscles and buttocks. Starting position - wide rack, the left foot in front, right rear, rests on a sock. The lowered dumbbell hands. As you exhale, bend your front leg and bring it down to the floor of the back foot. On the inhale - front leg is straightened, back - relax. The main aspect - the knee front legs should not protrude beyond the sock, as this may cause injury. hind leg knee almost touches the floor and the fence, all the power in the exercise should be sent to the front foot heel, as if wanting to press her to the floor. It is necessary to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg.
  5. Deadlift - another exercise for the muscles of the legs and back. The legs are slightly bent, the pelvis is pulled back, back straight. Grief in the lowered hands on hips. Make lean forward with a straight back, hands stamped fall below the knees - exhale. We go back to the SP on inspiration. The bar should move along the legs and feet in a narrow rack, not the heel off the floor. Pressure should be felt primarily in the back of the thighs.
  6. Bending legs simulator lying on her stomach - isolated involved hamstring. In no case can not be separated from the surface of the thigh bench.
  7. Then, without a break to rest, to perform superset hyperextension. The exercise involved hamstring, glutes and lower back muscles. Legs during exercise should be straight when lifting the body exhales, reducing strain and gluteal muscles.
  8. Treadmill - hitch for 10 minutes. If your goal - weight loss, your hesitation is to be a continuation of the training, but with kardiouklonom and last 40 minutes or even an hour, and then all of the same 5-15-minute hitch for recovery.

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