Tabata - exercise for weight loss

Tabata - exercise for weight loss

System Tabata is designed for those whose schedule is painted in seconds, and the time to exercise is in the most optimistic variant - 5 minutes a day. But scientists have shown that in 5 minutes you can burn fat (only if you really want to).

Exercise for weight loss Tabata was developed in Tokyo, fitness institute. Fat burning exercises ought to be called not Tabata, namely Tabata, because the system got its name in honor of the "discoverer" - Izumi Tabata.

The essence of the Tabata system of exercises for weight loss - to burn body fat, including and cellulite , as soon as possible and, of course, without compromising health.

Rule exercises:

  • 20 seconds - work;
  • 10 seconds - rest;
  • perform 8 rounds.
  1. Feet shoulder width apart, arms along the body. Highly bouncing and alternately lifting the foot to the buttocks, raises and lowers his hands. The trajectory of the exercises - up and down, we work in a very fast pace just 20 seconds.
  2. Rest - step activity.
  3. SP - squat, feet wider than shoulders, toes facing forward, arms extended in front of chest, palms and connected. On the exhale, we begin to actively do exercise "sumo" - raise the turn, then left, then right leg bent at the knee as high as possible.
  4. Rest - steps in place.
  5. Jumping "scissors" - the legs and arms apart, then feet together, arms cross our ourselves. We move as much as possible!
  6. Rest - are marching on the spot.
  7. Feet wider than shoulders, hands take dumbbells, perform bench standing - squat, raise hands with dumbbells over your head, straighten your legs, arms with dumbbells bend at the elbow.
  8. Rest - are marching on the spot.
  9. Upr.1 perform in a more active pace.
  10. Rest - are marching on the spot.
  11. Perform upr.3.
  12. Rest - step.
  13. perform upr.5
  14. Rest - steps.
  15. Perform upr.7.
  16. Rest and perform another 6 laps.

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