Running in place for weight loss

Running in place for weight loss

It has long been proven that running promotes weight loss. But we do not always have the opportunity to go jogging on the street, as close to home can not be stadiums, parks and other facilities where you can enjoy in the run. Many beginners stop running before the weather conditions (snow, rain). Then to our aid comes running in place, because it does not require a large space for classes and special conditions.

Sure, running in place for weight loss helps to tighten a figure, burn calories, strengthen muscles and improve the mental state of the person engaged. And note that if under normal running, there are many contraindications, then run in place for virtually everything.

Whether running in place is useful?

From jogging on the spot use as much from the usual run. While running, involving almost all the muscle groups, trains the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, blood is saturated with oxygen, the body is warmed up very well, for example, for further exercise. And yet, running in place speeds up the metabolism, which is essential for weight loss. However Treat run on the site seriously. In fact, besides the benefit it can bring harm. If you are running in place on a simulator, to fear nothing special, in fact modern simulators are equipped with suspension systems. If you plan to run on the floor, it is advisable to buy a special running shoes with double cushioning. Depreciation is important because when running heavy load exposed back, feet, knees and other joints.

How to breathe while running?

It is widely believed that during the run need to breathe through the nose. It is a myth that has no basis. Breathing while running through the nose leads to stress on the heart and increase your heart rate, which can very adversely affect your health. Breathing during a run should be a mouth. All derived formulas breathing while running do not work. Breathe rhythmically, without breath delay. This is perhaps the main condition for runners.

Often, side ache when running. This hepatic pain. Novice can not breathe deeply, this leads to a decrease of blood flow to the heart and it stagnates in the liver, leading to hepatic morbid stretchable capsules and flank pain. To avoid the pain should be followed simple rules: do not eat a heavy meal before the training (about 2 hours before the run), before running make sure to warm up and deep breathing while running.

Whether jogging in place is effective for weight loss?

Sure, running on the spot burns calories, which promotes weight loss. However, it is desirable to alternate the rhythm of jogging on the spot, so that the body does not get used to the same rhythm, thus burning more calories. The higher the heart rate during the run, the better the burnt

Running in place for weight loss
calories. To measure heart rate and heart rate monitor you can buy the device. The optimum value for slimming pulse - 120-140 beats / min. More efficiency is crucial run regular classes. It is not necessary to force yourself. Start with 20 minutes 3 times a week and then gradually increase the load.

Most novice runners interested in the question: Is it possible to drink while running? The answer depends on what result you want to achieve with training. If we consider the exercise to lose weight, there is no need to drink plenty of water during the run, however, and completely abandon the water is not necessary. It is believed that those who drink less during exercise, lose more weight. But, if you want to drink, you can rinse your mouth with water and make a couple of sips.

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