Exercises with rope

Exercises with rope

The most popular exercise with a rope - a regular jumping. However, this is not the only way by which we can use this versatile trainer in creating a beautiful body.

GYM rope: choose the perfect option

Too light rope - uncomfortable, too heavy - it is difficult, too long will not give you to do, and too short can cause the fall. How to choose the correct rope for gymnastics and jumping?

The optimum diameter of the main part of the rope should vary within 0.8-0.9 centimeters. It is this amount is recognized as the most convenient and appropriate for studies. In addition to the diameter, it is necessary to take into account the length of the rope. In order to determine the ideal size for you to stand in the middle of the rope with both feet and take its ends in the palm of your hand. Then pull the rope along the trunk and look at what level were pens, if at the level of the armpits or a bit higher - it's your size!

A set of exercises with a skipping rope

Let us examine in detail the training with a skipping rope, which will allow to work different muscle groups and a perfect stretch your entire body.

  1. Warm up. The role of the warm-up in such training may well play a jogging in place for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Stretching - an important part of the workout. It should include elements to stretch all major muscle groups:
    • lie on your back, lift the straight leg, grasp the foot rope and gently pull the leg toward you. Repeat for the other leg;
    • Grasp the rope with both hands so that the palms were shoulder-width apart. Perform the movement as if you are rowing with one oar. Perform 10-20 times for each side;
    • lie on your back, pull your left knee to your chest. Jump Rope fold in half, hold her shin, pull over gently and gradually;
    • follow the classic lean forward, stretch your hands to the floor and wait 30 seconds so;
    • standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, grab the rope with both hands and raise your hands over your head parallel to each other. Follow the slopes on each side for 5-10 times in one direction, then - in another.
  3. Rope: exercises for the correct rack. Take the rope in your hands as if you were going to jump rope for a leave. Hands pull forward to the rope lay correctly. Then bend your elbows. That's what should start the exercise - jumping rope.
  4. Rotations of the rope. This exercise should take breaks between sets, to maintain warm up your muscles. To perform a jump rope grab both handles in one hand and rotate the rope from the same side, and then try to write eight - then left, then right. Then take the rope in the other hand and repeat.
  5. Jumping rope landing on both feet. In the simplest version of this exercise, you need to put your legs together and, starting with two legs socks, perform jumps.
  6. Double jumps landing on two feet (jump rope so you need to slowly, and it is a great way to catch your breath!). At one turn of the rope should have to jump two.
  7. Jumping aside alternately perform jumping rope to the right and to the left
    Exercises with rope
  8. Jumping rope in two directions: alternate jump back and jumping forward.
  9. Legs apart - legs together: when you touch the feet of the earth during a jump, you need to turn that straddle the width of the shoulders, that bring together.
  10. Jumping with the change of the legs: turn to jump right to the left foot, jumping over a skipping rope.

rope exercises can quite replace a full aerobic workout. Do not miss your chance for health and beauty!

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