power aerobics

power aerobics

Power aerobics - a set of exercises aimed solely at enhancing the metabolism in the body, while also strengthening the muscles and there is relief from the extra kilos.

Aerobics - it is, above all, the steps are very similar to the dance moves of which are going to dance combination - ligaments. Power step aerobics does not have any dance steps, there is only strength exercises that are done with little effort, while a sufficiently high rate. Most commonly, as efforts are the weights up to 10 kg or special aerobic rod bodibary also be used.

Aerobics brings enormous benefits to the body. Thus, in the classroom strengthens bone, cardiovascular system, reduces the possibility of the development of atherosclerosis, increases efficiency. The benefits of step aerobics lies in the fact that this kind of fitness the most effect on weight loss. It is this aspect are most attracted to girls.

By the way, today the majority of the fair sex do not abandon aerobic exercise at home. After all, today the Internet is not lacking in the correct description of those or other exercises. Aerobics has minor contra - of course, this is a high temperature, dizziness, the presence of cancer and fractures, which occurred less than six months ago.

Nutrition for aerobics

The best meals before and after a workout is a protein shake. It is sold in powder form, is intended for weight loss and muscle growth. Such products contain fats and prevent excess weight, they are also rich in vitamins and contain optimum amounts of protein.

From simple products:

  1. Before exercise: two to three hours - the usual food intake, it is better to give preference to carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat) and protein (poultry, fish).
  2. For half an hour before the workout, you can drink or eat a yogurt banana.
  3. During training: constantly replenish water reserves in the body, it is better to drink the usual clean water.
  4. After training, the body is always in the mode of burning fat and calories, but to restore the muscles need protein.

If you want to lose weight, in the second half of the day it is not necessary to eat carbohydrates and Minimize consumption of saturated fats.

Power Aerobic: Exercises

  1. Feet shoulder width apart, toes parallel to each other. Hands with dumbbells at shoulder level. Bend and unbend his hands up until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles. After a rest, you can repeat this exercise again.
  2. Set back gymnastic bench at an angle of 45 degrees. Lie on her right side and her legs crossed, toes rest against the floor. His right hand lay under his head. In the left-hand take a dumbbell and try to pull it out so that the hand was parallel to the body, the dumbbell touches the thigh, and the palm facing down. Hand lift the dumbbell up, pause, return to starting position. Before each repetition connect and lower blades without lifting the shoulder.
  3. Dumbbells take in hands, feet shoulder width apart. Do not change the position of the body, the toe of the right foot, try to deploy a 45-degree angle, take a step to the side and lunge. Repeat the same with the other leg.
  4. Pass the left ankle cuff in the cable traction. Stand right side towards the front of the treadmill at a distance of half-step. With your right hand, grasp the support, the left put on the belt. Slightly lift your left leg and firmly take her slightly forward and to the side so that the angle was 45 degrees. Be careful not to bend the knee pivot foot.

An alternative set of exercises you can see in this video:

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