warm-up exercises

warm-up exercises

So, what do need to warm up? A set of exercises to warm up before the main training aims to tone the cardiovascular, respiratory and other systems of the body, as well as to prepare for the muscle load. Untrained muscles are prone to injury for classes and stretching and proper warm up their workout, and literally, make supple and pliable. The heartbeat increased, the body was so warm, and there were signs of sweat? So you're ready for a full-fledged, active training.

Before to warm, ventilate the area, wear a comfortable, designed for sports clothes, prepare all the necessary equipment and mat.

How to warm up properly?

In the warm-up usually is given 10 minutes before the main workout. It consists of a light aerobic exercise, with progressive study of the different groups of muscles, and stretching exercises already prepared warm up your muscles to prepare for work and ligaments. Exercises with load excluded. If there is some specificity, for example, be strength training, its features must be taken into account in the complex for the warm-up exercises. But in most cases it is fairly standard preparation.

The intensity of the load must be low, the rhythm - calm, relaxed. Remember, properly conducted workout never leads to fatigue.

Usually workout done in two ways:

  • light aerobic exercise (running, walking and exercises, based movement);
  • exercises on the ground from the top down, starting with the slow rotation head, move to the shoulder girdle, arms, pelvis, etc.

How to spend your workout, choose all the same to you, and we will advise the exercises. Mix and match them in their own way, but do not forget about the basic principles of preparation for classes and remember - this is only one option.

Exercises to warm up before exercise in the standing position:

1. Take a few deep breaths and exhale, widely spreading his hands.

warm-up exercises

2. warms the neck muscles - shoulders lowered and locked:

  • We pull the chin forward and sideways;
  • slowly rotate the head;
  • carefully and slowly lowers his head down and throw back upstairs;
  • He tilts his head alternately in different directions: left and right.
warm-up exercises

3. warms the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle:

  • arms bent at the elbows. On the inhale turned them back, collecting blades. On the exhale - translate forward, rounding the back;
  • warm-up exercises

  • rotational movements with his hands - in the hands, elbows and shoulder joints.
warm-up exercises

4. Slopes - pelvis and legs are fixed:

  • one hand on the side, straighten and second pull-up, perform tilt to one side. Change the arm;
  • warm-up exercises

  • cant down springs and touching with his right hand and left foot socks, his left arm is pulled back and repeat the exercise, changing hands;
  • warm-up exercises

  • holding hands on the lower back sag back, throwing his head back, then leaned forward, touching the floor with his hands and make a few springy movements.
  • warm-up exercises

5. The muscles of the legs:

  • slightly squatting on one leg, put his hands on his knee and doing the other pressing down the resilient movement;
  • warm-up exercises

  • poluprisev, put his hands on his knees and straighten your legs without moving while the back;
  • warm-up exercises

  • squatting on one leg, the second pull aside privately, and put his hands on her and commit sprung downward movement.
warm-up exercises

6. Finish the workout by a series of deep breaths.

Each exercise is done up to 5 times. Keep evenly loaded with both sides - left and right.

To supplement and reinforce a set of exercises to warm up can be a dynamic walking, running and jumping elements. You can also do the exercises barefoot - it is very useful for the feet. And remember, exercise should not cause pain.

Increase the load gradually - from simple to complex. Do not forget to practice regularly, at least 3 times a week. Well, if you do not have enough time to complete the training, you can even perform simple daily charge as an exercise for the workout. And then your body will thank you, feel better, the mood is always good, and life - joyful and bright!

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