How fast hair grows?

How fast hair grows?

Women are always trying to change the process of growth of the hair. They dream to color strands grew back faster and the hair on the body - slowly. But almost nobody knows how fast they grow and that it affects.

How to quickly grow hair on all parts of the body?

Scientists studying human hair, found that on average, they are growing at a rate of 3.5 mm in 10 days, it turns out approximately 1 cm per month. But this is not constant, it varies depending on the time of year, day, hair type and heredity.

In the summer and during the day the hair is growing faster than in winter and at night. People with curly hair on the nature they are long more slowly than in Caucasians. If healthy hair, and ancestors did not have problems with their growth, they may grow in the past month to 2.5 cm.

Also sprouting unevenly depending on the location on the body:

  • basic hair on his head and beard - with the aforementioned speed;
  • eyebrows, eyelashes - just grow up to 2 cm;
  • hands and feet - 0.5 cm per month.

But many women are faced with a problem: in some places the hair is growing faster than it should, but by what it does not know. All may be related to diet, body skin care, hormonal surges, as well as the process of removing them, for example: after shaving the hair on the legs, they grow very quickly, than if it was held epilation and depilation.

Up to what age your hair grow?

Cells continue to divide the bulbs until the end of human life, the only thing the researchers note that the older a person gets, the more his whole body is exhausted, so the hair becomes thinner, drier and shorter. This should be considered, if desired, to grow after the age of 40 years. Most long braids can grow up to 20 years, then it will be harder to do.

To speed up the growth process, it is necessary to use some methods of stimulation, which in folk medicine and modern cosmetology lot.

How to make hair grow faster?

If there is a need to speed up your hair growth process, you can use the following methods:

How fast hair grows?
  1. you should use a mask of pepper, honey, onion, mustard, oils and vegetables to improve nutrition and blood circulation to the hair follicles. Do 1 time per week for 3 months, then change the composition.
  2. Every evening combing for 30 minutes with a soft brush massage.
  3. Abandon the use of hair dryer and hot tongs during installation.
  4. Taking vitamins A and E.
  5. Use of growth stimulants: dimeksin, retinol acetate, burdock and others.

To get long, but healthy hair should be paid to the hairdresser, who will tell you the effective means.

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