Exercises for the back in the pool

Exercises for the back in the pool

Exercising in the water - it is quite an effective way to treat back pain . The pool can train anyone, regardless of age.

The benefits of backstroke

During the exercises in the pool for the back there is a uniform and optimal load on the musculoskeletal system, the spine does not feel gravity. Also included in the work of the muscles that are attached to spines. For many people, they are poorly developed, which leads back to various diseases.

Exercises for backstroke

  1. Feet shoulder width apart, hands pull ahead brushes down. Pull your head back, dramatically waving his hands to the side. Slowly return to starting position. (Exercise perform at least 10 times).
  2. Cross your arms back and retracted. (Perform 15 times).
  3. In shallow water, lean hands on the bottom. Squeeze a rubber ball feet, slowly lift and lower your feet under water. No sudden movements! (Repeat 12 times).
  4. Walk on the bottom of the pool, making a circular motion with his hands. Water should be at times.
  5. Useful for spine just lie in the water "with an asterisk." Lift up hands up, keep his head between his hands. Look up and breathe evenly.
Exercises for the back in the pool

Strengthening back muscles in the pool

Experts recommend starting classes after the end of the acute period of diseases of the spine. It is better to exercise you individually picked up by qualified instructor.

To strengthen the back muscles in the pool can be simply lying on an inflatable cushion, and make vigorous movements with his hands and feet. Also, holding the edge of the pool, leaning to the side, is curved. Only if you feel pain, stop the exercise immediately. Believe me, you will quickly notice the effect of water gymnastics. Therefore, consult your doctor and go to the pool!

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