Rules of conduct in the pool

Rules of conduct in the pool

Swimming - is not only a sport but also a great way to relax and keep the body in shape. If the opportunity to swim in open water there is, the ideal replacement for them - pool. But before you buy a subscription, you must learn the basic rules of behavior in the pool.

Before the first visit should be to learn the rules for use of the pool, to be followed at all times. Preparing for swimming, it should be borne in mind that the last meal should be at least 40-50 minutes before going to the pool. Also make sure that you have taken all the necessary things that conform to the rules of being in the pool, as follows:

  • bathing suit;
  • cap for the pool ;
  • towel;
  • set of hygienic means for the soul;
  • special shoes for the pool (rubber slippers or bath slippers).

You should also take into account the safety rules in the pool. If you can not swim, then you are sure to inform the fitness coach who will give you a special swimming facilities or will personally assist in training. All the rules of swimming in the pool

Rules of conduct in the pool
It stated that it is impossible to come to training intoxicated, and it is not necessary to take breaks for meals during the session, which may negatively affect not only your health, but also the figure.

Sanitary regulations for swimming pool

The classes must be observed swimming and sanitary rules for the pool. Firstly, to be able to visit the pool must submit a doctor's certificate that you have passed a complete physical examination and have no contraindications for health for swimming. Secondly, the need to observe basic hygiene rules - must take a shower before and after swimming and do not use cream and strong flavoring agents.

Adhering to the basic rules of behavior in the pool, swimming lessons your not only benefit the health, but also give pleasure.

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