Use in swimming pool

Use in swimming pool

The most contemptuous that the Greeks could say about a man - a "can neither read nor swim." Naturally, people have such ignorance in the square, they could not be called citizens and had the right to vote. Perhaps this is the first argument in favor of swimming in the pool - to be able to swim.

With that, we continue to be afraid of sharks and lightning, although both of these phenomena can not compete on the knockdown with the number of drowned men, it seems, is really time for us to learn from being in the aquatic environment.

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We will not dissemble, indeed most people dare to swim because of the use of slimming pool. To a beneficial effect on the body and detrimental effects on fat cells was felt to even more, saying what is happening to us in the water:

  1. In overcoming the distance to 1500 meters, calories consumption is about 500 kcal.
  2. Resistance to water is 75 times larger than the air, which means that any action performed in this environment requires 75 times more effort than on land. For this account, and it starts the fat burning process.
  3. Another use of the pool and swimming (after all, is in the pool - it does not float) that significantly quickens breathing, involving even those parts of the lungs, which in everyday life, "resting." This is a very good and useful, because the oxygenated blood for a long time keeps your metabolism at an accelerated pace.
  4. But perhaps the most decisive blow to the excess weight causes heat, increasing in the water by 80%. Man is inherent in such a thing as homeostasis - the body's desire for permanence. This also applies to the temperature - cooling water constantly, and the body burns more calories and more to increase the temperature.

Swimming - a very gentle sport, and not even a sport and pastime. Swimming is much safer walking, because in the water to hurt yourself do you need to make a lot of effort, and during the walk, you can just stumble and further all as usual - "fell woke up gypsum."

In the water, you are constantly in a horizontal position - and is 100% removes load from the spine.

Perhaps, after listing all the vast use the pool, it is necessary to mention the dangers. It is minimal, but without it anywhere.

Use in swimming pool

Chlorinated water in swimming pools, so try to swim so that within you penetrated as little water as possible. After the pool (as, indeed, and before) need to take a shower to wash the skin with the most bleach.

Swimming pool - located clusters of large numbers of people, and therefore infections, fungal and other infections. Walk into the sneakers that you wear only in the pool , do not forget to wear a hat (even though it does not increase the chance to get acquainted with a beautiful stranger).

Well, in the end, in and out of the pool carefully, because everything is wet and slippery. It is foolish to spend time in the most secure environment for the body - water and then tuck the foot outlet.

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