Home exercises for weight loss

Home exercises for weight loss

Even if you - a frequenter of the gym and a fan of heavy shells, you can not do without a home workout. The wise coach says that the classroom may absorb only 25% of the information, the rest, the trainee must know himself in home exercise, and the same is true for weight loss.

Ideal home range of slimming exercise should not give your muscles between the basic training in the audience forget their appointment - to fall and burn fat. Well, if your main program - this is a home fitness exercise for weight loss, you should strive in every way to load yourself, using the means at hand - support instead stanochkov, water bottles instead of dumbbells, sandbags as weighting.

The complex is home for weight loss exercises

  1. Lie on the side, pull the legs, rests on the nearest hand to the floor, bent at the elbow. We do lifting feet, drop the legs and slightly raises the body. When lifting do exhale, keep the body straight, stomach in. Make to 30 times per side.
  2. Climb, the body keep at arm's length, the second hand on the belt. Legs crossed and extended along. Drop down and pick up the body as much as possible up. Perform 30 times on the side.
  3. We get up, feet shoulder width apart, arms extended to the sides. Perform displacement body from side to side. We minimize the press, not to overwhelm the body forward or backward, to offset exhales. We carry out 100 times.
  4. Drop your hands along the body, making short tilts to the side and down, trying to reach out a hand to the knee. When tilting the exhale, hips immobile, body tense. We carry out 100 times.
  5. Now we need support - rack, the back of a chair, etc. Becoming her side, holding on near-hand, second hand - belt. Make a lateral lifting leg, pull the sock. Exhale when lifting, the foot is strained, perform 30 times in the leg.
  6. Standing face to support, just unfold the working leg under 45 to support, do upgrades at an angle. Sock stretched, exhale when lifting. Perform 30 times on the leg.
  7. Merge upr.5 and 6 - first raises leg to the side, then back at an angle. Perform 30 times on the leg.

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