shaping Housing

shaping Housing

Classes are shaping popular for decades. And though the title and has English roots (shape - is shaping), is a Soviet design, which Leningrad scientists reported in 1988. If you are unable to go to a fitness club, you can always engage in shaping the house, since he does not require any special attributes.

The shaping is different from aerobics?

These two types are comparable only that influence the good shape. Aerobics is a sequence of chords, performed to the music of that train muscles of the body and give an excellent complex load. And Shaping - a system of exercises that provide power load and can be used for weight loss and muscle building, depending on the version.

Shaping: contraindications

Shaping in the home suitable for everyone, but if you first contact an experienced coach, who will pick up your individual program, you can achieve the best results. This is especially true for those who have any chronic diseases.

For the rest, one contraindication - menstruation. Intense exercise can bring down cycle, so at least in the early days is to give yourself a holiday.

Music for shaping

When you do, it is important to pick up a cheerful, upbeat music, which is great to help you keep pace and even give a boost, when the forces already on the wane. In the 90s the whole collections were published with the music for shaping, but this music is not unusual - it is catchy, rhythmic and pleasant. Choose to your taste!

Home shaping: exercise

Even at home training it is important to choose comfortable clothes for shaping - tracksuit, shorts with a t-shirt made of natural fabrics. The main thing is that the clothes are not restrict movement. Then you can start to deal with.

  1. Warm in shaping should last at least 7-10 minutes to warm up your muscles. Suitable jogging in place or wrap, side bends, jumping rope.
  2. Press. Within 1 minute perform classical twist (supine, legs bent, detach blades from the floor) at a fast pace. The last repetition should be given with difficulty.
  3. Waist and obliques. On his knees, arms stretched and stretched at an angle of 90 degrees. Perform 30 springy tilts to one side, and the stretching of the hand, but do not lower it. Then repeat in the opposite direction.
  4. Study waist. From a standing position perform side bends, head in hand with the other hand behind your head, making sure that the back remains flat.
  5. Upper press. Lying on your back, fix legs, for example, thrust them under the sofa. Rise for a minute in the vertical position, and then descends. Gently follow the exercise, avoiding leap of inertia.
  6. Lower press. Lying on your back, legs straight to the side. From this position, with his hands behind his back, sit down and quickly turn to break away from his feet the floor, raising them up as high as possible.
  7. Lower press - completion. Follow the classic exercise "bicycle" for one minute.
    shaping Housing
  8. Hips. Lie flat on the side and two minutes follow mahi upper leg. Repeat for the other leg, turned over on the other side.
  9. The inner side of the thigh. From a standing position, feet wider than shoulders, toes in opposite directions, perform a quick sit-ups (you remind yourself sumo wrestler). Follow for one minute.

This complex offers to engage in shaping to get rid of the problem areas, but there are also exercises for the hands, buttocks, calves and back. In carrying out the full range, you will be surprised how attractive it became your body!

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