Inflate the press at home

Inflate the press at home

Girls people curious and always looking for an easy way to make their ideal figure and dream about the beautiful press. However, this dream can become your reality. It is not necessary to attend the expensive sports clubs. You can buy a nice news at home. What is important is your desire, perseverance and enthusiasm. Let's look at how to pump up the press girlfriend home, without spending a lot of time and effort.

Inflate the press at home is not difficult, but requires regular. Therefore, in order to achieve the result classes must be logged into your habit. You do not have to download the press in the morning when you have not yet woken up. Choose a comfortable time for yourself 30 minutes a day, so as not to miss classes.

You also need to draw your attention to nutrition. In order to achieve a good result, you need to stick to a diet low in unhealthy fats.

Downloading press home

Consider how to rock the house press. Starting with the class should be warm. The abdominal muscles can be warmed by rotating the torso twists in a standing position and using the inclinations of the torso in different planes. Once you have warmed up the muscles, you can proceed to the exercises for the press at home.

  1. Exercise №1 -. Twist easiest exercise for the press, which is known to all schoolchildren. Trains rectus abdominis. Performed in the supine position, hands behind head, elbows are divorced, legs bent at the knees locked. Raise the body with the help of abdominal muscles, keeping your lower back off the floor. For beginners, this exercise can be made easier by holding hands in front of him. For people more experienced, you can straighten your knees, which will add load to the press.
  2. Exercise №2. This exercise is a variation of the previous one. Performed from the same starting position. Since twisting the elbow of the right hand touch the left knee, return to starting position, then the elbow of his left hand touch the right knee and return to starting position. This exercise is good shakes obliques.

    I would like to pay special attention to how to swing the lower press home. To do this, perform the following exercises:

  3. Exercise №3. Performed in a prone position, with legs straight, hands behind his head. Raise your feet up at an angle of 45 degrees, and then goes down. For beginners, to simplify, you can position your hands along the body.
  4. Exercise №4. Running in the supine position, legs bent at the knees, arms lie along the body. Without taking the blades off the floor need to lift your pelvis up, then return to starting position.

At the beginning of his study exercises are performed with the knees bent, slowly straightening them, it will give the load to the press gradually. If the goods can be tied load need even more, to the feet.

Workout at home

As previously mentioned, the main thing in the process of training the press - is regularity.

Program at a press home you can make for yourself. Very well, if your

Inflate the press at home
training will be every other day. The number of repetitions of the exercises can be completely different from 10 to 100, depending on your training. But do not overload yourself. Add the load gradually. Desirable number of approaches to make 2 or more.

In order to simplify the training of the press at home, you can purchase sports bench as a home trainer for the press. Then you no longer have to look for that would cling to his feet remained stationary during class. The bench provided for this case comfortable cushion. These benches are straight and curved. Curved benches specially designed to relieve tension in the back during a workout, because doing on the floor of this voltage is almost inevitable.

Fulfilling all the recommendations will not be difficult to create a perfect press at home.

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