Morning exercises

Morning exercises

For most modern people the morning ringing of the alarm clock brings little joy. It was a weekday, when you need to get up for work, so you want a longer lie in a warm bed. Unfortunately, few of us can afford it. Because of this, the early morning hours and appear gray bleak.

Correct this sad reality is actually easy. Throughout its history, people know how to get the vitality and health of the charge in the morning. We are talking about the morning gymnastics. Suffice it to devote a few minutes of gentle exercise every morning to our body began to thank us ease and flexibility. A range of morning exercises exercise has many benefits for absolutely every human being:

  • morning exercise is effective for weight loss. As practice shows, it is in the morning exercise for the abs, thighs and legs are easy. After a short warm-up should perform several exercises for problem areas of the body to feel the figure is more slim and beautiful;
  • morning exercises useful for pregnant women. Exercises for morning exercises should be selected in accordance with the term of pregnancy. At any stage, a woman in a position to be useful stretching exercises and flexibility. Morning gymnastics for pregnant women - it is an excellent preparation for childbirth and the guarantee of a healthy and relaxing pregnancy;
  • morning exercise is necessary for the elderly. Daily exercise in the morning warm-up all contribute to muscles and joints. Elderly people who regularly set aside time for morning exercises, are healthier and cheerfulness;
  • morning exercise is essential for women, leading a sedentary lifestyle. Office work and commuting in public transport is not the best way affects the state of our health. People who move a little, before the others begin to suffer from various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. To avoid all these hassles allows daily morning exercise.

Complex of morning gymnastics for women should include the following exercises:

  1. Breathing exercises. Morning breathing exercises should begin training. 5-7 deep breaths saturate the body with the necessary supply of oxygen, and allows you to quickly shake off drowsiness.
  2. Stretching exercises. If you have the opportunity to train das not at home, and on the street, the best warm-up - it's 5 minutes of light jogging. While running, warming up all muscle groups. Morning exercises on the street - it's not only training, but also a great opportunity to meet a new day and cheer yourself up. The complex morning exercises on the street can finish walking to work.
  3. for stretching exercises. Starting with the neck and shoulders, you should perform exercises to stretch the muscles. The most effective for stretch marks - a rotational movement.
    Morning exercises
  4. Strength training. Strength training is only necessary for those who seek to lose weight or to pump up the muscles themselves. They are not mandatory. Those who are using morning exercises only wants to stay in good shape and mood, they can not perform.
  5. Elements of medical gymnastics. medical gymnastics exercises should include those who suffer from any disease. For example, in the morning exercises can include exercises for the spine or knees.

Today, widespread among women won the Chinese morning exercises, which exercises contribute to improving not only the body but also the soul. To begin to master this technique, you need help instructor. The instructor will teach the basics of this complex system of healing, and after a while you will be able to do the exercises on their own.

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