fat burning exercises

fat burning exercises

There is no universal genius exercise or diet that will be able to save you from spoiling life, the notorious problem area. Fight obesity can only be deliberately and comprehensively with the help of (excuse the banality) proper diet and any complex fat-burning exercise. We emphasize: your body will be saved almost any kind of physical activity. Here the main thing - it is to move.

But formally, the best fat burning exercise - it is a combination of cardio and power treniga. Explain the uniqueness of this combination is very simple. Cardio accelerates the heartbeat and breathing, at the same time activate and metabolism, and hence, our ability to burn fat. That is why it is impossible to do without any kind of "heart exercise":

  • run;
  • swimming;
  • a bike;
  • jumping rope;
  • dancing.

The second element of the ideal fat-burning exercise - it is strength training. Do not be afraid of the term, because it is not on the bench press and deadlift heavy weights. Strength training - it squats, push-ups, pumping the press, back and everything else. Only exercises that cause actively contract muscles can make you "already" in volume. Through strength training the body ceases to be flabby, and appeared on the site of fat muscle, will not let you back overgrown Zhirkov, because the muscles are actively consume calories.


Our complex exercise - is the work of five women distressed areas. This is the triceps (that is, the place where the fat hangs when lifting arms) of fat burning exercises for the abdomen and sides of the inner thighs, as well as the buttocks.

This is a really effective fat burning exercises that will change your appearance beyond recognition in just a month. But on condition that you will devote every day this hard lesson as much as 10 minutes.

  1. We start with triceps - we need dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg or bottles with water or sand. Accept rack archer - left foot forward and derive the bend, right leg - set aside and pull back. Tilts the body parallel to the floor, we raise the right elbow just above the back of the left hand up against his thigh front legs. From this position, we begin to straighten the elbow - and slowly exhale, feeling our work the triceps. At the top is literally a second delay the tension of the muscles, then relax the arm and bring it down to the SP. Perform 20 reps on each arm.
  2. Diamond pushups - put your hands together, go down the breast down on the palm, lying on the floor legs up to the knees. We descend breasts in his hands and rise. Perform 20 times.
  3. Boca - climb up, arms bent at the elbows and squeeze your fingers into fists. Bends one leg to the side. Making the twisting side - raise your right foot to the hands and the body descends to the feet, then drop the leg and lifts it to his chest, his hands making the swing leg forward. Alternating movement laterally and forward. Perform 20 times on the leg.
  4. Press - exercise strap. Accept plank pose, then do Zhabko - jumping tightens legs to the hands and jumps back. Repeat 20 times.
  5. Inner thighs - feet wider than shoulders, socks breed apart, squat and put his hands on her hips. From this position, we jump out top, pulling the socks down, and return to the squat. Perform 20 times.
  6. Buttocks - falls down, lie down on your back, arms along the body, legs bent at the knees. Hands hold out to the heels, deviate from the basin floor, fix the situation. In this position, we combine 20 times knees together, and spreads her legs to the side, while the buttocks should not move.

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