CrossFit: training program

CrossFit: training program

CrossFit workouts were "invented" in the 80-ies of XX century by Greg Glassman. The idea came to mind not only to fans of a healthy lifestyle, but even military and police structures. What proved so popular? Of course, the first high efficiency. Properly constructed complex gives an excellent result in the short term. It is possible to use special simulators, and can only use its weight of his body. Due to this flexibility, anyone can afford CrossFit workout at home.

Important! Their peculiarity is that all exercises are performed at a rapid pace at the limit of its capabilities and virtually without a break between sets. You can literally take half a minute of rest to regain his breath, a sip of water, and again in the battle.

According to many reviews we can say that the effect is really stunning. Gym CrossFit homes should take only 30 to 60 minutes a day (3-6 times per week), and after only 1 week of intensive training you will notice as increased stamina, stronger muscles, and, of course, starts to fade excess fat. However, before you climb on the podium after a week of weights workout, remember one important caveat.

muscle weight significantly greater than that of fat. Therefore, once stood on the scale, you can not see the decline in value. It is better to look in the mirror, the data obtained from it will be much more accurate. To better understand how transformed your body is a rule of thumb, every week to do your photo in full growth from different angles. Then you will be able to understand exactly what your efforts are not in vain.

CrossFit: training

If you plan to go to the gym - you all things teach and coach will explain all the nuances of this type of training. But if your plans do not include leave the house, it is necessary to fill knowledge. CrossFit for beginners complicated by the fact that they too seek to spare themselves. All exercises are performed rather quickly, at the limit of their capacity and with little or no rest between sets. Therefore, ideally, at least a couple of times to go to the gym, or you can find a video tutorial, which is also the best one.

CrossFit Equipment

In fact, to start you do not need to absolutely nothing! It is enough to have some free space and all. Therefore, in this case, excuses like: "I have no sportswear", "there is no money on the dumbbell," etc. automatically canceled. Especially if your physical condition is not too good - additional difficulties you to anything. But later, when you want to go to the next level or simply want diversity, you can consider buying a horizontal bar, dumbbells, various weighting and others.

To deal with it was more fun, put on some music. Just remember that for CrossFit music should be a dynamic, motivating and rousing. You can even find a ready-made collections for the training, which is nice because the melody selected by the rhythm and combined into a single track with smooth transitions. It is very convenient! In fact, his workout you can adjust the music and watching and not looking at the clock, just move on to the next exercise, as soon as the end of the track a certain interval.

CrossFit for women

CrossFit: training program

Clothing for CrossFit. Suitable any comfortable sportswear that does not restrict movement, and in which you feel comfortable. The only amendment may be on the air temperature. Considering that you have to move very quickly and vigorously, do not wear warm clothes such as eg tracksuit. Optimally suited shorts and T-shirt.

For CrossFit shoes. If you are like classes in the hall, you are perfect lightweight sneaker. Sole necessarily be rubber to ensure good adhesion to the floors and to avoid slipping. In some exercises, there is a risk tuck foot, if the shoes will be how much.

CrossFit: harm

The most important thing - to know the measure of all. Monitor your heart rate and the general condition. Listen to yourself! We need to find the fine line between laziness and fanaticism. On the one hand, you can not give yourself the indulgence and relaxation ahead of time, otherwise there will be a result. On the other hand you can not bring themselves to fainting. Make sure that the room is well ventilated, and fresh air was in abundance. You will also need water, only drink it in small sips, and quite a bit.

Do not practice on an empty stomach, you need to exercise power and 1.5-2 hours before exercise snack something.

CrossFit: food

Your body will expend a lot of energy, which must be replenished naturally. You will have to go to a proper diet, which means rejection of the rich products, a variety of semi-finished products and other tasty, but bad food. In your menu must be complex carbohydrates (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice) and low-fat products of protein origin (chicken, veal, beef, fish, eggs, etc.). Moreover, it is desirable to consume carbohydrate foods in the morning and in the evening on lean proteins. It is recommended to eat loose for 1.5-2 hours before exercise, so that the body was a source of energy. After a workout, try not to eat anything for 2 hours, but in order to satisfy your hunger, you can call yourself fat cottage cheese and yogurt.

Do not forget to drink! Intensive training contribute to a large loss of fluid, which is required to fill in order to avoid dehydration. Drink non-carbonated water, tea, will bring great benefit to fresh juices.

CrossFit: training program

CrossFit: exercise

Any training must start with a good warm up to warm up the muscles and avoid injuries. Increased body temperature during warm-up also improves joint mobility and elasticity of ligaments, also quickens the heartbeat, and so your whole body is getting ready for the upcoming high loads.

Warm up before training CrossFit diet can be of two types: general and special.

Total workout consists of a simple cardio exercise (jogging in place or on the track, jumping rope, brisk walking, etc.) and the development of joint exercises (different tilt, swivel body, etc.).

Special warm-up is aimed at warming up certain muscle groups, for which all of the exercises will be carried out in the future. For example, you plan indicated squat to prepare for them, make one approach squats with light weight (25-30% of the weight that you want to use in the main approaches).

In general, warm-up takes about 7-10 minutes, after which you can proceed to the main CrossFit exercises.

CrossFit exercises are divided into 3 types of load: cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting.

Complexes CrossFit exercises - cardio

Consider a few cardio exercises that you can incorporate into their training, they will help to significantly improve endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system:

  1. Jumping rope. You can start by jumping from one turn of the rope in the air, and when you feel confident, increase to two turns. During the exercise, try to keep your back straight and your feet on the width of the pelvis. You will need a certain dexterity and good coordination.
  2. Shuttle run. Running short distances at maximum speed with an abrupt change of direction running at a certain point. Those. your job is to identify the two points and for a certain length of time to quickly run from one to the other without stopping. Your task is not run round an imaginary point and touching the wall or floor to turn on the spot and run back. Make sure that you are not slippery shoes, otherwise you run the risk of getting injured.
  3. Walking is a bear. Simply put, you need some time to move, relying on the feet and hands.
  4. Jumping on the bench. Set a high enough solid object with non-slip surface (height 50 to 70 cm), to which you can jump with an effort - a box, bench, etc. Your task in a matter of minutes to jump and jump off, returning to the starting position.

CrossFit Gymnastic exercises

  1. Squats. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel or slightly turned outwards, keep your back straight. Pull back and pelvis begin to crouch to keep his balance can pull your arms forward. Returning to the original position, do not straighten the legs fully, they should be slightly bent at the knees.
  2. "Burpee". Starting position - laying emphasis ( "strip"). You need to be wrung from the floor, jumping to tighten the legs and put them side by side with her hands by taking the position of the squat, then jump up as high as possible, sit down and jump back to the original position.
  3. Push-ups. If they give you too hard, start to do them with an emphasis on his knees, thus reducing weight. Change the setting of hands - try to narrow (the hands are about shoulder width apart, elbows close to the body) and wide (the hands are wider than shoulders, elbows out to the sides).

System CrossFit exercises - weightlifting

For these exercises, you will need equipment for CrossFit, such as dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, rod, etc.

  1. Deadlift. Starting position - feet about shoulder width apart, back straight, grip shoulder width apart, legs slightly bent at the knees. All the movements are carried out smoothly without jerking. Sit down, grab the bar and straighten your body, returning to the upright position, pause for a second and then a seat.
  2. Working with dumbbells. This includes any exercises with dumbbells (bending arms at the elbows with dumbbells, breeding hands with dumbbells in front of you, etc.)

CrossFit - training program

CrossFit: training program

This CrossFit program is designed for three days between workouts should be at least one day of rest, during which the muscles recover.

Day 1 and Day 3:

1. Warm-up:

  • running in place;
  • apart of the legs in a jump with the rise of the hands over the head;
  • Running High knee;
  • running on the spot with direct crossing arms in front of him.

All exercises are performed for 30 seconds without a break in 3-4 sets, between which also is not a break. Each successive approach runs faster than the previous. So you properly warm up the muscles and prepare them for the work ahead.

Quiet little breath and proceed to the main exercise.

2. The main part:

  • shuttle run - make a few small and very quick steps, stoop down and touch the floor, then do the same thing in the other direction;
  • quick squats - feet at an angle of 90 degrees, hands pull ahead, to maintain balance;
  • Running High knee;
  • squats followed by a jump in height;

These four exercises are performed for about 30 seconds without interruption in 3 sets, between which can make a break for 30 seconds - the breath and a sip of water.

Each approach is performed with maximum effort and faster than the previous one.

  • 4 push-ups + running in place with a focus on the hand (8 "steps") + high jump;
  • from the "bar" (the body parallel to the floor, focus on hands and toes) make the jump putting the feet as close to your hands, jump back to the starting position.

This cycle is performed in the same way as the previous one - 3 approach.

After the exercise for 3-4 minutes slide hitch, pull muscles. It can enter the body tilts to the feet, forward lunges, etc.

day 2

CrossFit program for the first and third day consist mainly of strength training, and it is desirable to devote one day of cardio.

This training will take you only 20-25 minutes breaks between exercises will not be at all.

  1. Warm-up (the same as in the rest of the days)
  2. The main part:
    • shuttle run;
    • alternating kicks - movement like kicking in an imaginary enemy in front of you, feet change occurs rapidly without stopping, bend your arms at the elbows and push to the chest;
    • Sprint - 20 seconds, the fastest running in place, then squat for 2-3 seconds and then running in place;
    • CrossFit: training program
    • lunge left foot forward, feet change in the jump (try almost touch the floor with your knees bent legs), running on the spot 5 seconds, lunges again, running, etc .;
    • squats with jumps in height;
    • 4 push-ups + running in the "plank" + high jump;
    • feet shoulder width apart - alternate leap forward and jump back;
    • running in place lifting knees high;
    • from the "bar" make the jump with your feet as close as possible to the hands + high jump squat + + jump back to the "bar".

Such a system CrossFit workouts will help you not only strengthen your muscles, but also greatly increase your endurance.

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