Kundalini Yoga for weight loss

Kundalini Yoga for weight loss

Kundalini Yoga for women is a chain of physical and mental activities, the purpose of which is self-improvement, is achieved thanks to the unlimited human potential.

Many scientists believe that the reserves of the human body are endless, so we are capable of self-healing, spiritual growth and achieve true happiness. Kundalini yoga classes are also helping to improve the body due to permanent loads on the muscles, thereby, Kundalini Yoga is good for weight loss.

Overweight today - a problem for many. Of course, being overweight can affect the condition of the digestive and endocrine system, constant stress, which systematically "jam". It affects the overweight and the feeling of fear which we try to reduce subconsciously increasing the "protective armor" of unwanted kilograms.

Kundalini Yoga is ideal to cope with all such factors. At the same time you are working on the body in several ways. By providing dynamic exercises, you speed up the metabolism, proper breathing normalizes metabolic processes in your body, as well as an adjustable balance the hormonal system. Breathing practices and meditation relieve you from the mental health problems that are deep and often unconscious character. As a result of lessons you drop excess weight and normalize the peace of mind. Complexes of Kundalini Yoga is suitable for all ages, and it is important when there is a normalization of weight problem.

What makes Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga for weight loss

Catching up on kundalini yoga, you learn to adjust traction to eat. After gaining excess weight is most often due to the fact that a person perceives food as the main source of positive emotions. The relationship between the sense of satisfaction and the process of absorption of food is fixed at the neuronal level. And in the pursuit of pleasure to your body often goes into eating mode, and if you add to this a sedentary lifestyle - extra kilos can not be avoided. Instructor of Kundalini yoga helps you to get pleasure not from food, but from the training.

Kundalini Yoga: contraindications

Kundalini yoga is quite safe complex, yet in some cases it is better to stop the occupation. So, if you have a congenital heart disease, hypertension, epilepsy or alcohol intoxication, training is better not to start.

Consult the instructor must if you feel dizziness, low blood pressure, severe depression or severe psychological stress.

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