Exercises for quick weight loss

Exercises for quick weight loss

Lose weight, of course, want quickly and easily, but would like to know ... Although, in principle, the wording is not entirely correct, because you know how, and we all know that a balanced diet (consume less than spending) and exercise. But our problem is that the result would like to see after the first class, and he, unfortunately, did not seem in a hurry. Next, we can easily lose faith in that exercise in general can help to lose weight. So today we will talk about exercises for quick weight loss, but rather, about the rules of the exercises that are sure to lead to quick results.

When to do?

The main rule of efficiency - it is engaged in the morning. Yes, the morning lazy and sleepy, cold and nasty to get out from under a warm blanket, and what to do? Prepare for beach season is never late and always true. Morning classes will help break down fats, namely, that and hide your wasp waist. Per night glycogen depots, which is stored in the liver spent on restorative processes, and in the morning before breakfast and carbohydrate replacement should work out an hour or so. Then it will be burned fats, because other sources of energy the body can not find it.

This is not to say that you should not do physical exercises for quick weight loss at any other time, just in the morning they are most effective.

After training

Postpone the breakfast at least an hour after school. After a workout fats continue to actively break down, do not disturb them. Given that your muscles now, after the exercises require recovery, feed them protein to breakfast .

How to do?

To achieve the effect of weight loss you need cardio and strength training load. Cardio - is an effective exercise for fast weight loss, because it is during this type of load is increased pulse and breathing accelerates. And these two factors and burned the proverbial fat.

Strength training is needed to raise the muscle tone, tighten flabby thighs, arms, abdomen. The effect of strength training will be visible only when you get rid of the lion's share of fat. So if the results are not visible, it is not necessary to download the press three times longer, better to jump higher, and runs away.


A separate theme - the exercises for quick weight loss abdomen. Abdomen - the most problematic area of the female body, because it is the place responsible for the reproductive function, and there are accumulated fats for bearing offspring. In order to lose weight in the belly of your energy should really be at the highest level in the body simply does not remain no choice but to draw energy from fat located in the abdomen.

Also problematic is that many women form the anterior abdominal muscles rounded and convex. This problem can be solved only under the scalpel of plastic surgeon. But is it necessary? If you exercise and eat a balanced, abdominal roundness is minimized and only remain something that really can not be removed zhirszhiganiem. Moreover, even men love the feminine bellies (within permissible by the canons of beauty). So do everything depends on you, and get all satisfying result.


For fast weight loss a little light exercise, you need more and assistants. For example: dumbbells, a bench, fitball , hoop. This - the simplest and most accessible means for the beauty that should be in the arsenal of any self-respecting woman.

All of these items help to provide additional strain on the muscles and stimulate the tightening of the different places to sag.

Basically, weight loss - not such a difficult process, just need to understand what you are doing wrong in life. There is a lack of movement, muscle limp - Train before or after work, too much fat - it's time to reconsider your diet.

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