Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex

Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex

Home wording Bodyflex system - "breathe and grow thin" - is very attractive for a variety of women. While some suffer on diets and sweat in the gym, you can quickly and easily lose weight by only one breath! It is worth noting that if you are a long time doing sports or dancing (more than 3-4 years in a row), your metabolism is altered and there is a possibility that the system would be ineffective. But for all the people who are far from the sport Bodyflex - is an effective and enjoyable option!

Breathing exercises Bodyflex: how does it work?

Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex works very simply. Fat is used as a fuel, and oxygen - as its "incinerator". Taking certain poses and breathing under the special system, you will deeply enrich your body with oxygen, so that your body becomes more and more beautiful from occupation to occupation.

Bodyflex: especially breathing exercises

Bodyflex system involves regular execution and a special diet that will help the body to expend more active fats, and you - to see results faster. Subject to all conditions in a week training you will notice how your body is changing rapidly. The effect will be cumulative, and the longer you do, the better your results will be.

  1. Activities must take place every day, preferably on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after eating. Best of all - in the morning or in the middle of the day.
  2. Each time you need to perform a full range of 12 exercises, which takes about 15 minutes.
  3. Two hours before the training, and the same after they take any food is not recommended.
  4. To speed up the result, it is necessary to eat five times a day, and the volume of each portion, - no more than 300 grams. The meals should include lean meats, vegetables, fruits and cereals.
  5. When you perform a complex need for dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime.

If you react to studies responsibly and comply with all regulations, Bodyflex benefits will be obvious: in addition to losing weight, you will feel much better and on the physical and emotional levels.

Bodyflex: how to breathe correctly?

Breathing Technique Bodyflex - most importantly, that it is important to master. Sami exercise is incredibly simple, and not built on multiple repetitions, and on the adoption of certain postures. In each of them it is important to breathe in a certain way. If you do not stray from the rhythm and have mastered the proper breathing Bodyflex, the system simply can not fail to have the effect!

Thus, we consider in detail the five-step breathing Bodyflex:

  1. Take specified in the exercise posture. Without stress, free sponge fold into a tube. Oral without jerks, calm and measured exhale much air as possible, freeing the lungs.
  2. Squeeze lips tightly and make strong breath nose. This should be done gradually and not measured, but on the contrary, quickly and sharply. Inhale need strong, filling the lungs to the maximum.
  3. Lift the chin, above the ordinary, pursed his lips into a narrow elongated slot. Then quickly round the mouth and exhale sharply, with sound
    Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex
    "groin". The sound is supposed to be pretty whistling.
  4. Strong pull your stomach and hold your breath while tilting her head to his chest. Count to ten to myself.
  5. Relax, breathe.

however, Bodyflex breath itself is not too difficult, it is necessary to practice, because if you're confused, the good of exercise is not enough. To follow up, it was easier, you can do on video courses, such as the popular Bodyflex of Mary Korpan.

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