How to build a press to cubes?

How to build a press to cubes?

Not far off sunny summer vacation on the beach and the long-awaited vacation. But as soon as you start to think about it, you know, what do you need to have time to pump up the press to cubes, choose the perfect bathing suit and look "at 100".

How to quickly pump up the press cubes?

Seductive body may be not only a dream, but a reality. Home is committed to its implementation. You do not have to spend unimaginable sums of money for the purchase of simulators and going to the gym. Enough to stick to a regular schedule of basic exercises that help a 8 dice can quickly pump up the press:

  1. A double curl. Lie on the floor. Simultaneously lift and torso, and legs. Finish the exercise should touch the knees with his elbows. In the supine position the legs should be straightened. Rising - bend your knees.
  2. Twisting. Take a lying position. Feet move up to the body. Legs or someone has to keep, or to fix them, tucked under the sofa. Hands concatenated in a "lock" for the head. Raise your body up until your elbows will not concern knees.
  3. Lifting feet №1. For this exercise, enough to hang on the bar street, rising higher straight legs.
  4. Lifting feet №2. Jump on the boards. Stretch them by hand. Just as in the previous exercise, lift straight legs.

How to build the lower press blocks?

Muscles of lower part of the press can only be pumped in if the lift legs, but not by the operation of the thighs and the abdomen only by tension. The tempo should choose a moderate: 8-13 times and 4-5 sets.

  1. Lifting legs. Grasp behind the bar. Legs keep bent or straight, but in a way so that the waist line was below the hips.
  2. Bicycling. Lie on your back. Straining the abdominal muscles , exercise movements, resembling a bicycle pedaling.

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