Exercise "Keel"

Exercise "Keel"

For most people, the most problematic area in the body is the stomach and back area. Many torture themselves a lot of different exercises that do not give the desired effect. Many coaches and doctors say that the most effective and useful exercise is considered a "boat" that will help in the realization of the dream of a flat stomach and slender waist, and in addition it will strengthen the back muscles . This exercise is very heavy kind of training, while on the other hand its implementation will bring many benefits throughout the body and help to cope with back problems.

Exercise "boat" - the use of

This type of training is recommended to use all, regardless of age and gender, but in medicine it is prescribed for people who have back problems. The main advantage is the acquisition of a correct posture that will not only raise your self-esteem, but also importantly strengthen the muscle corset.

Exercise boat at the press operates as follows: there is a strengthening of the abdominal muscles, restores the correct position of the umbilical ring, strengthens the solar plexus. Offset umbilical ring is one of the main causes of fat in the waist area.

Exercise boat back to great benefit. The back is a complex weave mechanism of bone, muscle and nerve endings. During our daily movements we sometimes put her impossible tasks, which lead to tragic consequences. Performing boat exercises for the spine can help get rid of the distortions, reduce pain in osteochondrosis, increase joint mobility and the development of cartilage tissue.

Other organs also get a nice bonus:

  • improvement of blood circulation in the tissues;
  • getting rid of excess centimeters at the waist;
  • normalization of the heart;
  • restoring proper breathing;
  • creation of favorable conditions for the work of the digestive system;
  • elimination of violations of neuro-reflex connections.

The main task, which requires a decision before the start of training, is to learn to stretch and relax the muscles of the back, and only after the full development of this training can begin.

How to do exercise boat?


Starting position: Sit on the back, hands should be well pressed to the body. Elbows should not be in contact with the floor. Legs also completely smooth, tightly pressed against each other. Now start diaphragmatic breathing , which must be repeated several times. Before proceeding to the main position retract the belly and hold your breath.

The basic posture: Lift your feet on 30-40 meters, with knees bent. The body must be raised at a similar distance, as if trying to reach the feet. Your whole body should be based only on the buttocks. To get the full effect Freeze in this position for a few minutes, then slowly return to starting position. After a short pause, repeat several times.

Keel vice versa

Starting position: placing on the stomach, arms and legs repeat the location as in the classic version.

Basic position: at the same time raise the legs and upper torso, in the permitted height, weight rests on the pelvis and abdomen. In this position, staying for a few seconds and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat after resting several times.

Side boat

Starting position: sit on the side, pull the legs and arms parallel to the body.

Basic position: raise the limb to a small height and stay in that position. Slowly lower to the floor, after a few minutes rest repeat.

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