Folk remedies for hair growth

Folk remedies for hair growth

Thick, long hair - the dream of every woman. At all times the standard of female beauty implies the presence of beautiful healthy curls, so each of us is trying to grow hair throughout life. Unfortunately, poor environment, poor diet, constant stress and lack of time does not contribute to a positive outcome. Nevertheless, even in a period of total civilization chance to grow hair there at all, but for this it is necessary to forget about the modern chemical techniques and use of folk remedies for hair growth.

Lifestyle and hair growth

A good recipe for fast hair growth, even if effective and regularly used, does not give anything. To this problem is solved, you need to approach it comprehensively. Firstly, you need to pay attention to diet. Food should always be natural, fresh and varied, then your body will get all the necessary minerals and vitamins, and folk remedies for hair growth will be doubly effective. It should also be just to exclude from his life forever:

  • cigarettes;
  • alcohol;
  • perm;
  • drying the hair dryer;
  • bleaching peroxide.
right care

The most effective means for a healthy and "live" hairstyles - this Folk mask for hair growth. There are many different ways. For example, an effective mask for hair growth with essential oils. For their preparation in shampoo, tonic or hair conditioner need to add 5-10 drops of essential oil. They do not give immediate results, but your roots will have a tremendous feeding, which will benefit the future health of the hair. Massage for hair growth are almost always made with essential oil Bey, oil of nutmeg, mint or infusion. A few drops of these funds are mixed with massage cosmetic cream.

Excellent help solve this problem, a common salt. Rock salt for hair growth used due to the fact that it helps the scalp to breathe better.

Indeed noticeable results can be obtained using a variety of means, which irritate the hair follicles and thereby stimulate blood flow to the head. Similarly, the means for the growth of pepper vodka and a mask, which include ginger, mustard and cinnamon. Domestic funds for the growth of hair with red pepper tincture different formulation, which largely depends on the sensitive skin of your head: some pepper vodka mixes with liquid vitamins and fatty oil, someone gets it in its pure form. It would be better to start with more chadyaschie options - diluted mask consisting of 250 ml of vodka and 5 chopped pods fiery red pepper.

Other tools

The weak and the section of hair can help hellebore water - tincture of hellebore. This is a very poisonous plant, but it is often used in the preparation of medicines. Hellebore water for hair growth is prepared quite simply, this is mixed in equal proportions alcohol tincture of rhizomes and roots of hellebore Lobel and purified water.

Enjoy tincture of hellebore for:

  • reducing greasiness of the skin;
  • eliminate dandruff;
  • Activation of growth;
  • improving the appearance and condition of the hair.

In hair care, we used to follow the standard route: shampoo, conditioner balm, conditioner, mousse, hair spray. About the existence of such a magic bullet as whey for hair growth , women are often overlooked.

Folk remedies for hair growth
It is in vain, because shampooing with serum will allow you to forget about the thin and split hair.

Herbs for hair growth are mainly used in the form of tinctures. This can be calendula, chamomile, nettle, parsley, ivy leaves, burdock root and many others To prepare the tincture of any need to take 1 tbsp. spoon dry grass pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. tinctures can be prepared from one kind of herbs or combine them. The gelatinous mask and mummy also proved themselves to be a good tool for hair growth. They contribute to a healthy, thick and shiny hair. The same effect has the brewer's yeast for hair growth , which is also perfectly cope with itching and dandruff.

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