Exercises for the waist and sides

Exercises for the waist and sides

Women genetically designed so that the accumulated body fat is deposited primarily on the waist and hips. weight loss problem in the abdomen worries many. There are many myths and frankly useless advice, to understand that it is sometimes very difficult for an inexperienced person. So today we will talk about the most effective exercises for the waist, which can easily be done at home.

Myths, or about how to download the press is not necessary

Myth №1 «Do you want to thin the waist and shrink the stomach - download the press." It is a mistake to believe that the more you train, the manifest relief faster. When muscle training press hard to achieve a rapid slimming effect in the abdomen. The fat is distributed evenly throughout the body, and burn it locally, in any field is impossible. So blatant profiteering is the sellers promise miracle machines and a variety of belts for weight loss to reduce the layer of fat on the abdomen, buttocks and flanks. The best means to reduce the belly would be to avoid starchy foods and sweets, as well as good posture. It is often called the stomach is removed, it is necessary to stretch the shoulders. To do this, lift the chin and bring the shoulder blades together, slightly retract the stomach. Constant control of posture is one of the best exercises for the waist and sides.

Myth №2 «form a beautiful waist to help training the abdominal oblique muscles." Bleed the obliques - very nice, but it is likely to increase in the volume of your waist. Therefore, a number of recommendations as to what the best exercises for the waist are the slopes with dumbbells and other similar exercises should be evaluated critically. Of course, it strengthens the muscular frame and contributes to a good posture, but do not place much hope on these exercises.

Myth №3 «Different exercises for the upper and lower abdominal muscles." Notorious cubes on his stomach are part of one big muscle, so it is impossible to form only the upper or only the lower blocks. Usually, the differences in topography caused by a slightly larger accumulation of subcutaneous fat in women on the abdomen below the navel. While above the navel, below the ribs, less fat is stored. Therefore, the lack of visibility created by the press below. A variety of pull-ups and leg angles allow better work out the lower part of the press. While the most common twist will give the maximum load and at the top, and on the lower abdomen.

Exercises for waist home

A prerequisite of success in carrying out even the most basic exercises for the waist is their periodicity. Abdominal muscles to train harder than others. At the same time, and the effect lasts longer workouts, even if you cease to deal with. With proper diet and regular workouts, even if not too intensive, and the first results will be visible cubes press in 6 weeks.

Twisting and strap are the most effective exercises for the waist for women. They help to work not only abdominal muscles, but also strengthen the obliques, lumbar.

Twists are executed as follows. It is necessary to lay down on a flat surface, legs bent at the knees. Put your hands behind your head, lift the chin. Then there will be the offset voltage of the neck muscles in the abdominal muscles, which is what we are seeking. Shoulders slightly brought together and lift off the floor. Loins tightly adjoined to the floor. On the exhale, raise a little and take the maximum head to the knees. At the entrance to fall down, thus not relaxing to end. If done correctly, exercise 10-15 times, you will feel a burning sensation in the abdomen. This is an indicator of the effectiveness of training. The more repetitions of the beginning of a burning sensation in the muscles you do, the better the result. 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions is recommended for untrained people. When the body gets used to the load (approximately 4 weeks), the number of repetitions can be increased.

Exercises for the waist and sides

Planck is best done before the mirror. The essence of the exercise is very simple: leaning on elbows and toes as much as possible to keep steady posture longer. However, it is important to ensure that the lower back does not bend down or up, and the blades have been brought together. The top of the back office should not form a dome. Ideally, from head to toe, you can draw a straight line. After 15-20 seconds, hold this position you will feel a burning sensation in the muscles. This is a signal that the exercise is done correctly. For untrained people it is recommended to do 2 sets of 30 seconds. Over time, it is possible to increase the time to 90 seconds, and the number of repetitions to 3-4.

Exercises for the waist and sides

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