Frozen shoulder - a set of exercises

Frozen shoulder - a set of exercises

When the pain in the shoulder, most of us immediately sets itself independently diagnosed - an arthrosis of the shoulder joint . In fact, the largest part of the pain in this part of the body falls on the less popular "among the people" disease - a frozen shoulder. This disease is the development of inflammation in the tendon and the capsule of the shoulder joint. It differs from osteoarthritis in that the deep muscles, joints and cartilage itself is not affected.

However, overall the two diseases is still there - and arthrosis, and frozen shoulder treated with therapeutic exercises complexes.

Most often, a frozen shoulder develops when the unusual exercises. For example, dog fans, throwing stick your pet for a few hours, usually soon complain about doctors. Suddenly performed, unusual exercise that involves the work of an untrained body, easily lead to the development of the disease.


Exercise with frozen shoulder are part of the therapy, along with painkillers NSAIDs. When performing therapeutic exercises for frozen shoulder should be avoided severe pain, although pain (mild, helpful) and inevitable when the tendon stretch.

Perform the exercises at a medical frozen shoulder should be 1-2 times a day for 3-4 weeks.

  1. Raise your shoulders up, pull them to the maximum and descends. We try to raise his shoulders to his ears.
  2. Raise the shoulders turn - up to the ears, and down by relaxing.
  3. Rotate your shoulders forward and backward, making several approaches.
  4. Hands omitted, raising his right arm, bend it at the elbow, touching the left shoulder and is omitted in FE. Repeat on both hands alternately.
  5. Hands omitted, raise your right hand up, bend over your head, with your fingers to hold out through the top of the left shoulder. Elbow looks up, his left shoulder trying to mentally omitted. Return the hand to the SP, repeat on both hands alternately.
  6. Hands omitted collect brush lock, lift up as high as possible, so far as the disease. We are trying to good hand to pull the patient. Drop your hands as you exhale. Repeat several times, then we shake hands.
  7. Raise your hands on the belt and omit them relaxed down. Again, we shake hands.
  8. Raise both hands at chest height, bend them at the elbows and alternately unbend his hands, clutching a brush like a fist. You can imagine that you strike the hand forward. Moving forward is on the exhale, fold his hands on the inhale.
  9. We set up the right hand behind his back, trying to move the brush as high as possible, pulling the left shoulder blade. We fix hand, return it to the SP, then repeat on the other hand.
  10. Hands behind your back, gather in the lock, trying to raise joined hands above his back. Then do stretching - pull his hands behind his back.
  11. Circular rotation of the hands back and forth.
  12. Raise your hands up, then through the sides to shoulder level and back.
  13. For the next exercise need to stick - keep both hands on the hips. Raise your hands with a stick up above his head, then bend your elbows and drop the stick behind his head on his shoulders. We relax your arms and return to the SP. Repeat 8-10 times.
  14. Wand hold the ends, pushing her left hand, right hand holding up, setting the stage for the stick to the right. Then repeat on the other side, and alternate hands.
  15. Wand keep both hands in front of him, making a circular motion forward, raising his hands as high as possible. Then repeat the rotation in the opposite direction.
  16. Wand keep the center in the right hand, pass it out of the right hand to his left, then vice versa. Hands hold raised at shoulder level.
  17. Wand plant in the back and lift it up to the right, pushing the left hand, then left, pushing the right hand.
  18. Stick keep themselves away from the one end on the floor. Stretched hands are drawn for the stick, drop the body down.

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