Exercising after a stroke

Exercising after a stroke

Gymnastics for patients after stroke is an important part of the recovery process. Most people have had an attack are disabled because physical activity is disrupted. Specialists have developed special exercises to help improve blood circulation, metabolism , and they also reduce the congestion in the tissues. All this makes it possible to improve the condition and return to activity.

important recommendations

Restorative Exercise gym after a stroke should be carried out at 3 hours after the attack. Please exercise should be carried out with the help of another person, who kneads his hands, legs and other parts of the body, in general, is a preparatory period. Engage worth many times every day. It is important that people do not feel any pain.

Exercising after a stroke for bedridden patients

Once doctors give permission to enhance the load can move on to the next exercise:

  1. Moving the view in different directions and a circular motion. Do whatever you need at an average pace, first to open and then with eyes closed, about 10 times. Then lightly stroking the eyelids and blink several times.
  2. The following exercises for passive gymnastics after a stroke is this: focus on one point of view in front and turning the head to the right and to the left. Make 6 rotate in both directions.

Physiotherapy after stroke for sedentary patients

In this case, the load is increased further. Complement the range of such exercises:

  1. From the position of "half-sitting," rely back on the pillow, his hands holding on to the edge of the bed and his legs stretched forward. Throws his head back, slightly bend and breathe. Go back to the starting position and exhale again.
  2. Sit on the bed, his hands holding on to the edge, and his legs stretched forward. Raise the left, then the right foot for a short distance. Do this exercise for 4 times on each leg.

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