Exercises for the lumbar spine

Exercises for the lumbar spine

The lumbar spine consists of only five vertebrae. They bear the greatest burden, regardless of whether we are in any position - standing or sitting. Due to the improper distribution of load (asymmetrical sports activities such as tennis or throwing the nucleus, and also because of inactivity), diseases of the spine in the lumbar region and is very frequent in children and adults.


Most often, children begin to knowledge of diseases of the musculoskeletal system with scoliosis . The lumbar Scoliosis is almost imperceptible, and even the parents of the child is seen as a normal development. But if you look closely, sloping basin, stoop, summarized shoulders (I degree of illness) talk about the urgent need to exercise for the treatment of scoliosis of the lumbar spine.

Another common disease - osteochondrosis. The first symptom - a sudden pain at sharp movements, sneezing, coughing. Back loses mobility, the work violated the genitourinary system, pain gives even legs.

And the reason, and exercise for the treatment of low back pain lumbar spine do not differ from scoliosis. An unbalanced diet and lack of exercise lead to disruption of metabolism and nutrition in the tissues of the intervertebral discs, and physical labor or excessive exercise - to their deformation.

Since we are talking about the intervertebral discs, should be mentioned protrusion - degenerative changes in the discs. Most often there is in the lumbar region, and is a precursor of a lumbar hernia. Usually people notice in his illness only when a sharp movement, pinch some nerve.

In the treatment of protrusion of lumbar spine also use exercise exercise therapy , medication analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and in the most severe forms - even surgery.

And the last of the most common forms of disease - is hypermobility. It appears that during bending back, vertebrae not form a smooth arc, and a line with discontinuities, i.e., some of which protrude from the total number. When instability of the lumbar spine role of exercise is to strengthen the muscular system and the spine fixation. At the same time to strengthen the position of the vertebrae is also used soft fixing corset waist and neck collar Schantz.


And now to the exercises for the lumbar spine to help relieve pain, strengthen muscles and normalize spinal curves.

  1. IP - sitting on his knees, buttocks on his heels, hands on his knees. On the inhale bend the lumbar spine while trying to leave the fixed thorax. And exhale rectified and sag.
  2. IP - lying on his back, on his side on the edge of the bed. The lower leg is stretched as much as possible, the upper folded and stored in the popliteal dimple. The left hand - on his knee, right away. Rotation is achieved by the fact that the pelvis is rotated in one direction, and the shoulder girdle - to another. On the inhale, turn your head to the right as much as possible, at the same time, slightly presses his palm on his knee. Fix a position for a few seconds, and repeat on the second side, turning to the other side of the couch.
  3. Modification of the exercise - lie down on your side, do everything the same as in the previous exercise. To work with the lower part of the lumbar - upper leg, bending, no fix at the knee hollows, and below, in the Achilles tendon. Anything else, I repeat, as in Ex. 2.
  4. Now, a modification to the upper part of the lumbar - lie down on the edge of the couch, on his side, now upper leg does not bend and pull to the side. Everything else in the repeat exercise. 2. Working to mild pain, but not strong!
  5. Repeat upr.2 again with modifications.
  6. SP - pose sybarite. Lying on his side, rests on his elbow. Right hand on hip, elbow looking away. Maximum turn using hand hip, and in this position, we make a few jerky movements in the direction of the navel. Repeat on the second side.

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