Pilates - Yoga

Pilates - Yoga

Externally, the newcomer to the naked eye, it seems that both Pilates and yoga - birds of a feather, and after that, and another is carried out at a slow, relaxing pace, the focus is not on quantity but the quality of repetitions, and the movements are static.

Let's understand what is the difference between these two, in fact, fundamentally differing views Fitness - Pilates and yoga.


The fitness yoga and Pilates occupy a niche - they are engaged in women who want to relax after a day of rest from the home routine, and, in parallel, to bring order to the figure.

However, yoga - it is a philosophy with millennia of history. And it aims to muscle strain.

Pilates - a child of the twentieth century. This type of fitness is aimed at strengthening the muscles and spine rehabilitation.

For beginners and engage in yoga and Pilates is very important help of an experienced instructor. In both directions a lot of attention is paid to the technique of breathing and perform specific asanas (yoga) and postures. From pilates and yoga should not expect quick results - this is not the way to lose weight for the summer, and the direction that is chosen for many years.

This is especially true yoga, which focuses more on the spiritual, not physical. Be prepared that come to the gym, you expect not just a coach and spiritual mentor, and do lessons over time begin to force, to push you to radically change lifestyle, thinking, forever.

Pilates, of course, does not claim to practice the sublime. At least, this kind of fitness is still too young for the spiritual realms.

It is much easier to understand what is different from yoga pilates workout and trying that, and another. We invite you to experience the workout Pilates.


IP - lying on his stomach, his forehead on the palms, feet parted widely, bend your knees, heels together. At the same time pressed together heel and raises her knees on the floor.

We lower leg, pelvis swing to the right, to the left to release tension from the lower back.

Legs parted widely, we raise the knees, feet on the floor as much as possible lengthen and stretch the legs and then bend them one by one and pull to the buttocks. In the crook of sock to pull on itself for straightening - pulling sock forward. Making one first bending, followed by two.

To relax the pelvis rotations in the light side.

Now we carry out the entire series again.

During the exercises, pay attention to proper breathing, tension and relaxation on socks, the position of the pelvis, since the effect can only be achieved if all the tiny nuances.

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