Exercises in breast osteochondrosis

Exercises in breast osteochondrosis

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system is necessary to treat the movement. How? Depending on the case, because when some problems motion contraindicated, then the patient is assigned to a massage. But when breast osteochondrosis have to work on the exercises.

Benefits of exercise

Exercises in osteochondrosis of the thoracic appointed for several reasons.

Firstly, they should increase the flexibility of the spine and the amplitude of rotation of the joints.

Secondly, with the help of physical therapy exercises with the thoracic osteochondrosis overcome stiffness of deep back muscles.

And, thirdly, gymnastics gives an opportunity to "breathe deeply", and this is no joke. When osteochondrosis patients often feel pain during breathing. Therefore, by instinct, they begin to breathe surface, which leads to the bottom of pulmonary hypoventilation. That is, there is a lack of oxygen, which in the long run can cause pneumonia.

A set of exercises with the thoracic osteochondrosis not only activates the very breath due to physical exertion, but also removing the pain, eliminates the fear of breathing.

  1. IP - lying on your back, pull the toes forward, arms pull up. Legs and arms are fully extended, stretch the back.
  2. Socks pull over, gently moving his heels. These exercises are for the treatment of thoracic osteochondrosis used as a warm-up of the back muscles, as well as normalization of the position of the spine.
  3. Hand in hand, we tighten the knees to the pelvis, omit them gently to the right, head left turn. As relaxing back. Expand the head, serve the pelvis to the right, drop the knees to the left and turn the head to the right.
  4. IP - the same breed knees from side to side in a "butterfly", raising the pelvis up. Drop the pelvis, not joining the knees. Raise your pelvis as you exhale, drop the inspiratory.
  5. Feet together, lift your knees to your chest, grab the knees. Raise the head and held her to her knees - fix the situation. Drop your head and feet on the floor.
  6. Feet are placed on the pelvis width, arms along the body. Raise your pelvis as you exhale, let us fix the situation and bring it down to the floor. You can complicate the exercise standing on tiptoes. Going down, return heels to the floor last.
  7. Bend the knees to lift the chest, pull your head to the knees, hands clasps his feet. We fix and return to the floor.
  8. Making the pelvis upward rise from a prone position on the floor with bent knees and divorced. Hands along the body, the fingertips touch heels. Complicate, rising on tiptoes.
  9. Knees to the chest, severing his head from the floor, legs wraps his hands.
  10. Bent leg is lifted vertically, hands clasps his knees, rolled onto his back.
  11. Feet together, knees breed away, his hands up against the floor, sitting in a "butterfly". Deflection in the back, hips off the floor, the weight is transferred to the back side of the stop.
  12. Feet together, knees to bow arms, tightens the body to the legs and rounded back.
  13. Spreads her legs to the pelvis width, hands fall to the floor. Raising the pelvis off the floor, the body forms a straight line, arms and legs to the floor and perpendicular to the body.

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