"Belojar" system

"Belojar" system

Very popular in many countries uses healing system "Belojar" , which allows you to restore your health. These exercises are based on natural movements, so they can deal with each. The meaning of "Belojar" system is that normal movements affect the central nervous system, and it is already on the internal organs.

Basic principles:

  • ecological system is provided by the fact that people are based on their internal feelings.
  • you do not need any investment;
  • engaged anywhere, at any age, at any diseases;
  • easy to learn on their own, and then pass on their knowledge to another person;
  • excellent prevention of many diseases;
  • You can engage in pregnant women.

Stages Belojar system

"Belojar" The system is based on the Slavic style plus a modern teaching psychiatrists Vygodsky, Sechenov, Bekhterev and Luria. Their work is based on the theory that every thought affects the movement and vice versa. System recovery "Belojar" combines complex exercises and psychological training, all this can be divided into 3 stages.

Step number 1 - Statics. During this stage there is work on the skeleton, muscles, joints and internal organs. There are already examples of the healing of the organs and of getting rid of such diseases: allergy, diabetes, cardiovascular system, reproductive organs, as well as scoliosis and various fractures.

Step number 2 - Plastic. At this stage, you will develop your plastic, and engaged in training, which will help you to achieve inner balance.

Step number 3 - Dynamics. Here all the movements resemble a martial art, which is reflected in the Slavic gymnastics "Belojar". In addition, at this stage, too, there are trainings, which help to fix the result.

Exercises Belojar

If you do not have the desire and time to go to special training, you can study at home, as there is a huge amount of training material. Now let's look at the exercises that are used in "Belojar" system.

Exercise №1. Get on all fours, and lean on her hands. Now it's your task to lift the pelvis up so that between the legs and upper body was a right angle. Try not to take your heels and palms on the floor. In this position, hang, the maximum amount of time.

"Belojar" system

Exercise №2. Now you need in the same position to tear the heel off the floor and put your knees so that your thighs are parallel with your hands. In this position, too, wait a minute you can.

"Belojar" system

Exercise №3. You need to lie on your stomach, stretch your legs and hands and pull the spine as much as possible. As a result, you'll have a slight bend in your body. Survive in this position at least 10 seconds. The secret of this exercise - the maximum muscle tension makes it possible to increase the duration of exercise.

"Belojar" system

Exercise №4. Lie on your back, get the focus on the waist. Your task is to pull the thigh to your chest and clasp their hands. In such a bundle posture you need to ride back and forth as many times as you can. Such "Belojar" exercise will be an excellent prevention for many diseases of the spine.

"Belojar" system

Exercise №5. The starting position is the same. Your task is to pick up his feet so that between them and the body was 90 degrees, and then, without lifting your lower back, pull your feet up as much as possible.

"Belojar" system

Such exercises should be done by their forces, that is, how much can and do. Over time, as you will be easy, you can increase your workouts. "Belojar" The system has a number of contraindications, if you have the aggravation of any disease, trauma, which may lead to bleeding, as well as in serious psychological disorders.

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