Norbekov: articular gymnastics

Norbekov: articular gymnastics

For many years the name Norbekova in itself sounds healthily. Whatever the disease, remember this healer, who has taught thousands of people to recover in body and spirit through exercise. Today we look at Norbekova exercises for the joints.

Physical exercise side

Problems with the joints are more and more people because of physical inactivity and poor nutrition. As a result, any slightest movement causes discomfort, and if nothing is done, the person can just lose the ability to move and become helpless. In addition, improving gymnastics Norbekova aimed not just at work on the joints, but also to improve the mobility of the spine. The more flexible spine, so it is healthier. Inside the spine is contained spinal cord, and any spinal defects can be detrimental in terms of its content.

The weight of a healthy person consists of 40% muscle. Our muscles are the corset for the spine, they support it and partially take over the load. However, in humans, leading a sedentary lifestyle, these muscles will atrophy. Very often, lack of exercise is also accompanied by an increase in fat mass. As a result, the load on the spine increased by several times that can positively impact on our health.

The development of the inner self

However, no body, no figure, or even force or are the main tasks of the doctor Norbekova gymnastics. As he says, the exercises should be 90% to concentrate on internal development. Norbekov recommends that you create for yourself a list of those personal qualities that we are lacking and during the execution of the complex to develop their confidence, feel better, prettier, stronger. Norbekov claims that bleak mood is no use of the gym will not. During the exercises, you should be happy, have fun, to radiate energy. And your energy has to be extremely creative.

Home exercises

Dr. Norbekov recommends to start joint gymnastics with warm fingers, hands and arms. Warms and mash her hands, each finger separately pulling, rubbing and stroking perform. The main thing - during the process of having fun.

Go to workout the whole body, to warm up like a cat, not missing a single site.

We breathe and let in to the joy of the world. We begin massaging the internal point of vision between the two eyebrows. Go gently massaging to have wings of the nose, for the clockwise and counterclockwise. Further massaging point between the lower lip and chin. Thumbs massaging her temples in a circular motion. Go to massage the neck in the occipital area where the hair ends.

Undertake the ears and begin to delay their movements to drive in a circle, then, rub the palms ears. Do not forget that the articular gymnastics Norbekova - this feeling and joy. Smiling and raising his hands at shoulder level. Fingers look up into the hands of tension, feel the movement of energy. Regulations do not change hands, hands parallel to the floor. Slightly move them as if stroking a kitten at hand.

Then rotate fists, increasing the amplitude - rotate the forearms. Hands lowered, make a circular motion shoulders. This was the main part of the charge of joint exercises Norbekova. This is followed by the execution of racks on the lower part of the body. Their you can see in the video. Proceed to the exercises on his feet when the master exercises the upper body.

Do not worry if not all exercises are obtained with the move. As Norbekov says the main thing - is to create a sensation inside.

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