Physiotherapy with cervical osteochondrosis

Physiotherapy with cervical osteochondrosis

To date, therapeutic exercises with cervical osteochondrosis is one of the most popular exercises for the treatment of back, because due to the sedentary study and work not only adults and the elderly, but also children have to suffer this disease. The risk group includes students, programmers, writers, office workers.

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical and Gymnastics

Despite the widest dissemination of the disease, to date, it has not yet been found real ways to get rid of the disease. But from osteochondrosis and suffers not only the spine but also the central nervous system, spinal cord, blood vessels, including the vertebral artery, which supplies blood to the brain.

Treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease exercises have long been recognized as one of the best ways to combat the disease. As a result of lessons you will achieve the following results:

  • eliminate physical inactivity, which is the cause of your illness;
  • eliminate congestion in the muscles of the neck;
  • facilitate health, will remove the headache and discomfort in the neck;
  • prevent the development of complications;
  • improve their health in general;
  • relax the neck muscles, which in this case are chronically tense;
  • improve local blood circulation;
  • improve metabolism in the whole body;
  • improve cerebral blood flow.

Usually recommended to perform exercises as in the cervical-thoracic osteochondrosis, as these two areas are linked. Do not be lazy perform additional exercises - they can ease your pain.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: Features of medical gymnastics

This gym is not much different from other types of exercises. In this case, as all movement is performed smoothly, steadily, without jerks. Perform movements from the standard position - standing, sitting or lying down. Despite the fact that in the standing position easier to carry out certain elements, prone position to reduce unnecessary strain on your neck and loosen it.

Within a week of regular exercise you will notice improvement and at this point it is important to not give up exercise, and keep them in order to achieve even greater success.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: Gymnastics

To perform these exercises you need to find time each day. The complex is quite small and does not take much time.

  1. Sitting, hands on his forehead, the head is fixed. Crush the palms on the forehead a few seconds. Then press down on the back of the head. Then - alternately on the sides near the ears. This will strengthen the muscular frame.
  2. Sitting zaprokinte head back on the exhale and inhale on - tilt forward. With a turn of the head to touch the chin right and left shoulder. Next, drag the ears to the shoulders maximum inclination of the head.
  3. Lying on his back, his head under the pillow. The head presses on the pillow, then it should be lifted and hold for several seconds. Return to the original position and tighten the knees to the belly, clasping their hands. Reach her forehead to her knees. Return to starting position. Then bend your knees, spread your arms and torso twists make 5 times in each direction.
  4. Lying on his stomach, face down, turn your head and ears touch the floor. Then lift your head up. Then lift your head simultaneously with the shoulder girdle. Repeat 5 times.

Remember, cervical osteochondrosis and physiotherapy - things inseparable from each other! Just doing these simple exercises, you can help yourself get back to normal life and not to "run a disease," and to win it, or at least reduce its negative impact on the body.

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