Isometric exercises

Isometric exercises

One of the popular ways now to improve their health - a set of isometric exercises. It is quite unusual and different from others in that causes muscle strain, but do not stretch them, overcoming the resistance. Ideal isometric exercises for busy people - in fact the whole exercise should be 30-90 seconds, but with preparation - 5-10 minutes a day. Is that a lot? .. Surprisingly, the results remain better than a long and grueling training another plan.

Principles of isometric exercises for the spine, neck, joints

It is important to strictly observe these principles to classes really had on you the greatest possible effect:

  • the maximum voltage in the performance;
  • stress on the exhale, the breath of constant, rhythmic;
  • exercise is carried out no more than 6 seconds;
  • break between sets - 30-60 seconds;
  • stress and strain relief smooth, not sharp;
  • the resistance should be the maximum, excluding the possibility of movement.

The exercises are only effective if you perform them severely every day. In the first months can connect 9-12 exercises, 3-6 then replace with new ones. Even after a while you can not perform more than 20-24 exercises per workout.

Isometric exercises: exercises

Isometric exercises should be performed in the morning in a good mood, without overload. To enter the mode of get used to the rhythm of breathing: inhale for 6 seconds - 6 seconds, exhale. They went into the rhythm - do exercise - rest. And so the whole exercise. The first few days only do 4-6 exercises.

After classes are encouraged to take a contrasting shower - first hot, then cold.

  1. Stretch your arms, rest bent fingers on the table and begin to exhale slowly press on the support, if you want to hold him to the floor. Crush 6 seconds, then slowly relax, rest 30 seconds and repeat the exercise.
  2. Bend your fingers into a fist, squeeze, push them to the edge of the table with his knuckles. Crush on the table as if it slide away, you feel mentally up to 6, then a break of 30 seconds and again.
  3. Get your hands under the tabletop and push up the back of his hand, as if you want it to tear. Also, 6 seconds effort and 30 holiday, then the second approach.
  4. Sit down at the table, crossed his legs. The upper knee push to cover the table with all his forces. Also, 6 seconds effort and 30 rest, then repeat for the second leg and the second approach for both.

The main advantage of these exercises - you can do them right in the office, and no one even realizes that you exercise . However, it is better to do it is still home to be able to take a shower.

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