gymnastics exercises

gymnastics exercises

Therapeutic physical culture - a way of healing, based on the principles of movement and proper breathing. physical therapy exercises can be carried out in gyms, pools on special simulators. Gymnastics exercises - specifically designed gymnastic complex, aimed at the treatment and recovery of the body.

Types of exercises exercise therapy

Therapeutic exercises with gymnastic sticks is shown in diseases of the cervical spine and upper back, as well as their prevention. These exercises can be performed in specially equipped rooms, as well as at home.

Exercising in the pool focused on rehabilitation after injuries of the back, pain in the back and osteochondrosis. Also, physical activity in the water will be very useful for people suffering from cerebral palsy.

Therapeutic exercise for weight loss includes exercise, activates the metabolism, increase blood flow to certain areas and lymphatic drainage. Often complex physical therapy exercises for weight loss consists of the elements of yoga and Pilates, which help to find harmony of body and spirit.

Exercising at the gym it is usually performed in specialized institutions and under the supervision of physicians required. The complex of physical therapy exercises aimed mainly to recover from injuries. Fitness equipment for physiotherapy exercises allow you to develop muscles of the arms, legs and back. They help to restore and strengthen the back muscles in patients after severe fractures, operations, and various injuries.

gymnastics exercises


In addition to these types of physical therapy exercises aimed at the rehabilitation and recovery, physiotherapy is able to solve a lot of problems. With its help treat pneumonia in pregnant women, avoiding the use of antibiotics. It helps to socialize and teach household skills of patients with diagnoses such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. LFK makes life easier for many chronic patients, for example, people suffering from asthma.

Benefits of exercise therapy is scientifically proven and successfully used in medicine.

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