Gymnastics for the neck Dr. Shishonina

Gymnastics for the neck Dr. Shishonina

Given our modern lifestyle, physical inactivity, prolonged presence of the computer, and lack of regular physical activity, and if we add to this is not always a balanced diet, it is not surprising that such a delicate part of the body, like the neck suffers from one of the first. Indeed, neck problems today occur in very young people.

Gymnastics for the neck Dr. Shishonina developed in the center Bubnovskogo and can be assigned to absolutely anyone, not even suffering from diseases of the cervical spine. These exercises do not have contraindications and can not cause harm, as all movements are natural to our neck and carried out in a very slow, relaxing pace.

After the exercises themselves neck, Shishonin also recommends that perform complex stretching the neck muscles.

The most common exercises for the neck Shishonina doctors prescribe the following patients:

  • hypertension;
  • after injuries;
  • insufficient blood supply to the brain;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • insomnia or constant sleepiness vice versa;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • regular migraines;
  • neck pain, problematic movements;
  • memory impairment.

Shishonina Exercise not only deprive you of all the above symptoms, but also help you to strengthen your mental activity, will be a source of new and original ideas, because very often we feel that not enough freshness in the head. The reason for this condition lies in the weakened blood circulation and lack of brain power.

What does the pain come from?

Because of various factors described above, lose your neck muscle tone, thereby compress nerves and blood vessels. By pinching the nerves and pain.

How do the exercises?

Shane Shishonina exercises at the beginning of the course should be done every day, and when your neck is already improve your health, you can perform complex 3-4 days a week. In addition, when you master the exercises, perform them in front of the mirror, in order to avoid possible errors. The course of treatment lasts two weeks. Later, you can perform the exercises as you please, at work or in front of a computer.

Let's start doing the exercises Shishonina techniques. Sit down in front of a mirror, straighten your back.

  1. Tilt your head to the right shoulder, fix the position at 15sec. Repeat the same on the left side. Do 5 repetitions on both sides, each time position fix.
  2. Drop your head down, fixed position in the 15s, then craned his neck forward, bringing your head in IP, and also fix. Reps: 5.
  3. SP - chin parallel to the floor, pulling his neck forward, turning his head to the right shoulder. The same is done on the left side. Reps: 5.
  4. Turn head to the right, fix the position at 15 seconds, repeat to the left. Reps: 5.
  5. Put right hand on his left shoulder, elbow looking down. Turn head to the right and slightly upward. We fix and repeat on the other side. Reps: 5.
  6. Hands on knees, head parallel to the floor. Craning his neck forward, arms retracted and are drawn. We fix a position and do 5 repetitions.

As mentioned above, Shishonina method also involves stretching:

  1. The left hand over his head and raising omitted on the right ear. Bend the neck to one side and fix. Repeat to the right.
  2. Hands are raised and put on his head, tilting your head forward, stretch the back muscles.
  3. Hands put on his head, making a U-turn the neck and shoulder girdle to the right, drop the head, fix and repeat to the left.

Here's a simple complex and separates you from the swan neck! Be healthy!

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