Sports Nutrition - guarana

Sports Nutrition - guarana

Guarana - is one of the species of the family sapindaceae is creeping evergreen shrub, common in tropical South America. According to one of the darkest legends Maue Indians, guarana rose from the dead boy's eyes, and that's why its fruits have a somewhat creepy, kind of.

It has long been used as a healing and tonic by indigenous peoples of the Amazon coast. In Europe, guarana began to use in the 19th century for the treatment of migraine and small nerve disorders.

Currently, guarana extract , due to its tonic effect, is part of many sports drinks, and fat burners.

Amazonian guarana for weight loss

Amazonian guarana seed extract is often used in sports nutrition to create a so-called fat burners - it supplements help athletes to remove excess weight. The fact is that the seeds of this plant contain a record quantity of caffeine (2 times more than coffee beans) and related substances - theophylline and theobromine and caffeine are both able to accelerate metabolism . Due to this effect Guarana is so popular among people who need to lose weight.

Use guarana

Caffeine, as other xanthine derivatives, has a pronounced psychoactive effect, so that raises efficiency and improves mood, which is very important in the diet because namely depression is often pushed to the disruption in the supply system, and thus reduce all efforts to achieve the desired weight on there. Another important property of guarana - the ability to reduce appetite, thereby reducing the amount of calories entering the body, without prejudice to the emotional state.

Furthermore the guarana extract has a mild analgesic effect, it can be used against headaches (except hypertension), and migraine headaches.

Contraindications to the use of guarana

Despite all its positive effects, guarana has a number of contraindications. So, it is contraindicated:

  • pregnant and lactating women, as caffeine and other related substances in guarana in large quantities, are able to penetrate the placenta to the fetus, and in breast milk and interfere with the normal development of the child;
  • Children up to 12 years;
  • people suffering from hypertension;
  • people with increased nervous excitability;
  • suffer from insomnia;
  • with atherosclerosis.

People with cardiac arrhythmia, as well as other diseases of the cardiovascular system before the use of the food additive is necessary to consult with your doctor. You may also want to consult with a doctor before taking guarana and people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to take guarana?

Currently, guarana extract is available in a variety of forms - this powder for cold

Sports Nutrition - guarana
beverage, and a variety of teas, and preparations in the form of capsules. How to use each specific type of food supplements this diverse palette is usually specified in the instructions to the drug, but the general rules of admission are as follows:

  1. Guarana should be consumed in the morning (not later than 17 pm), otherwise you may have trouble sleeping.
  2. Take supplements containing guarana desirable for 30-60 minutes before training, so they will operate as efficiently as possible.
  3. The maximum dose of guarana powder, or other equivalent thereof should not exceed 3 g per day.

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