hair Structure

hair Structure

The hair consists of a root, located in the skin, in the follicle and shaft - the outer part. Living cells continuously divide in the root, allowing the hair grows.

What is the structure of healthy hair?

rod hair is uneven and consists of three parts:

  • an outer layer formed of horny plates arranged in the form of tiles;
  • cortical layer containing a pigment;
  • core, which is formed is not completely dead skin cells round.
hair Structure

Exterior The head of hair is determined by the state of the follicle and shaft. In the worse hair change at the wrong care, shortage of vitamins and minerals, chronic, prolonged stress. For those who have the problem, the question of relevance is how to change the structure of hair.

How to restore hair structure?

To improve the structure of the hair should be:

  1. Compensate for the lack of vitamins and trace elements. Especially need hair vitamins, vitamins A, C and E. Also, for normal growth and condition of the strands needed zinc, calcium, iron, silicon.
  2. Regularly trim the ends of her hair, if they are damaged by coloring, perm and so on.
  3. Use high-quality tools for hair care (shampoos, mousses, foams, lacquers, paints)
  4. hair Structure
    Apply for rinsing fitootvary and infusions. The beneficial effects on hair structure have burdock root , hops, nettle, sweet flag.
  5. Regularly make nutritious and restorative mask.
  6. Use professional tools for hair restoration structures that contain active elements, proteins, ceramides, oils. Cabin tools developed in the laboratories, and are strictly controlled. Reducing masks , tonics, fillers, sprays, capsules contribute to the restoration of damaged strands and protect them against aggressive environmental influences.

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